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Discover How you can Sell More with Repeat Customers

Hotmart has the solutions to help you sell more without spending more

Repeat Customers

Paid traffic campaigns, email marketing, and partnerships are a few strategies an online business can adopt to win new customers. But what can you do to win again with those who are already customers? Beyond just after-sales relationships, it’s possible to sell again to this audience.

A study by Hotmart shows that 85% of customers would buy another product from the same Producer. Your own experience is probably similar. Think about it, it’s likely that you’ve bought more than once at the same store because you trusted the product and the company. 

It just makes sense, selling to those who already know you takes little effort and costs less. For example, a paid traffic campaign can be directed towards repeat customers, working with a base that already trusts your work, instead of trying to search for people who still need to be won over.


Turn your Member’s Area into a sales area

Solutions to get more repeat customers are built into the Members Area (Hotmart Club), a safe and intuitive space where you can host, organize, and distribute your online course without needing to contract specialized professionals.

Advertise without spending on traffic

You don’t even need to leave your Members Area to create a free ad for another course. Your students will be able to check out a different course from your business and never have to leave their study environment. 

Best of all, they can buy the course with just one click. One-click buy lets your students use the same payment information as their first purchase. 

Nearly 40% of sales in Hotmart’s Members Area are made with just one click. 

Let’s say you have a course on how to install shelves and another on interior design. While your student is finishing the shelf-installation modules, they’ll see an ad for the course related to design, an important thing to consider before choosing where to install the shelves.

You’ve got options on how to use this feature best for your strategies. Check out some tips:

– If you create content and work with the Hotmart Affiliate Program, you could advertise the products you’re affiliated with. 

– Advertise that course you’ve stored away for so long. 

– This is your chance to create another course and use free ads as one or your ways to release it.

Your chance to sell more buy suggesting additional products

In Hotmart’s Members Area, you have access to yet another feature where your students can purchase another product with just one click and without you having to spend extra for it.

The Extra Paid Module is a solution that lets you offer additional content for your students, improving their learning experience, and increasing your chances of selling more with just one click. 

Like the free ad, you can use this feature in a number of ways. Here are some tips:

– Offer an Extra Paid Module for students not engaging much in your course. Let them know that this material can contribute to the learning process. You can check out your students’ performance and engagement through Hotmart’s Members Area. 

– In addition to the Extra Paid Module, there is the Extra Free Module, which also offers additional content, but for free. To combine the two resources, make a sample of the additional content available using the Free Extra Module and let students know that the complete material can only be seen by those who purchase the Extra Paid Module. 

>> Check out how to create extra free and paid modules.

Selling again to segmented bases

On the Hotmart platform, you have access to several solutions that can contribute to your sales and marketing strategy. ListBoss, for example, integrates your account on the Hotmart platform with your email marketing provider so that the creation of campaigns is strategically segmented according to your sales. 

One way to use ListBoss is to create a list of people who got to your payment page but did not make a purchase. By integrating this list with your email service, you can create specific emails to understand their reasons for not following through and even make a special offer available to encourage sales. 

In addition, the solution allows you to create segmentations with those who are already students you would like to have as repeat customers. For example, creating an email rule that helps to retain customers who have a ‘completed purchase status.’ The relationship can lead to repeat customers when you’re ready to launch another product.

You can even integrate your email provider with actions from the Hotmart Members Area. One of the possibilities is to talk about new products with the students who have evaluated the product. The chances of them buying again are much higher. After all, they already know about your business and trust your product. 

>> Check out how to set up ListBoss.

Comment below on what you think of Hotmart’s repeat-customer solutions.

See you soon with more great news on how to sell more to current customers or new ones! :)