retain talents and ensure the success of your business


How to attract the right people and retain talents to ensure the success of your business

Are you starting our your business and you wish to attract the right people, and retain talents? Check out Hotmart's exclusive tips!


01/24/2017 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

Hello, how are you doing? Many challenges arise when you start your own business but, perhaps one of the most difficult is finding the right people to trust and share the responsibility. Are competency and qualification all it takes to retain talents? What are the other important elements you should analyze?

Today, we’ll give precious tips on hiring processes that can help you put together an efficient, responsible, and close team in the name of a common objective.

Let’s go?

The first step is to make the culture of your company clear and its values, beliefs, and practices. The culture sets the formal and informal rules that influence people’s behavior.

It’s very important that this is clear for entrepreneurs from the start. Because with a strong culture we’re able to attract the right people, who share the company’s values and will lead it to success.

And how do I come up with a code of culture to retain talents?

This guidance must come from the Company’s founders, based on the ideal they have for the Company and the scenery they believe it’s appropriate for it.

It’s also important to involve people who are recognized as key people in their roles and actions. They may be important pieces to set your team’s profile.

Ask yourself: What am I not willing to give up? What actions and values are essential to make my dreams and goals come true? What kind of professional do I want in my team?

At Hotmart, we’ve come up with a Culture Deck, based on the values established by our founders, when the Company was really small. Currently, it is our guide to attract and select talents. The culture we’ve built from the Deck is, unquestionably, one of our most important assets.

After the company is clear about its values and beliefs, it must come up with ways to identify theses factors in its candidates. As an example: at Hotmart, the culture interview that all candidates go through during the selection process is what assesses the cultural match of the candidate in question.

In the market, there are some tools that can help you with this process, like YOLO Insights, with the YOLO Principle they come up with strategies that align the right people to the Company’s values.

It is also important to focus more on the candidate skills to solve problems than her resume per se. Because these professionals are the ones who will be able to deal with changes in your business. So, introduce challenges in your recruitment processes. This way, you’ll be able to gather a lot of information.

And to develop the talents? What do I do?

The first tip is: in order to put together a high-performance team, building a feedback culture is indispensable. The company needs to think about feedback processes that engage co-workers, leaders, and clients.

At Hotmart, we use the Qulture Rocks platform, that helps us a lot with our internal processes.

Actions and practices to retain talents and motivate people when starting your own business

Here, we work with a concept of talent-centered HR. Our teams are our clients and they need to be constantly charmed. Otherwise, they might look for another company to work.

Processes and practices must add value to people with high-performances and awake this desire to reach high-performance in those who aren’t there yet. Our thought is that our team deserves nothing but the best and we measure no efforts to provide what they need.

So, here’s the tip: create daily challenges and believe in your talents.

Never let your collaborators feel bored or demotivated and make the company’s objectives clear besides explaining how each area needs to work to reach them.

Don’t forget to promote interaction between the teams.

Forming bonds and strengthening friendship ties through events and celebrations is a simple way to have a close team, working in harmony and who find happiness in waking up to be a part of a winning team.

I hope our tips help you put together a successful business and that it becomes a point of reference in attracting and retaining talents. :)