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How to create an irresistible value proposition for your digital business

A value proposition is an essential element for those who want to amaze and attract customers! Learn how to create one for your online business!


09/21/2021 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

A Value proposition is an important marketing element used to position and highlight a business.

If you’re just getting started on your journey as an entrepreneur, or already own a business but need to attract more customers and strengthen your position in the market, you need a well-developed proposition. 

Without it, you can miss great opportunities and lose potential customers, who won’t know the value of your work and may end up preferring your competitor’s service or product.

Learn more about this concept and find out how to create a value proposition for your brand!

What is a value proposition?

The value proposition is basically your presentation of your business. In it, you need to highlight what you do and what value you add for your customers.

This presentation is a way to communicate your business’ unique features compared to your competitors, and show why what you offer is the ideal solution for your audience’s pains.

Why is it important?

Consumers don’t merely want to buy good products. Nowadays, they also look for brands that not only solve pains, but also offer positive experiences.

Especially in the digital environment, where people have access to a plethora of products and services just a click away, it’s important that they understand exactly what they will gain by choosing you, and not the competing business.

With the value proposition, you gather this information in a single resource, which must be accessible and objective in order to convey your brand’s values accurately.

Creating an irresistible value proposition

The value proposition’s content is very specific and each business should build its own based on its audience and the unique features of its product or service.

However, the proposition’s structure must contain certain aspects in order to achieve its goal.

Check out the key steps you need to follow and the must-have information!


Your value proposition’s title should be very objective and attractive. This is your chance to attract people’s attention and show your business’ value!

It should have a maximum of two sentences, be creative and, above all, be very clear.

Customers should read your title quickly and understand the message you wish to convey, i.e. why choosing your business over the competition is more advantageous.


In the subtitle, you can use a slightly longer text, but try not to exceed 3 lines so you can keep the value proposition short.

Remember that, especially on the Internet, people don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to understand what they’re reading. 

They want to have access to complete and direct information so that they can evaluate the available options and make a sound decision.

Here, you need to develop the title’s message in more detail, explaining certain important facts about your business, such as what it is, for whom it was created, and what its unique features are.

Bullet points

The use of bullet points is a strategy to draw people to the main point of the value proposition: the benefits of what you offer!

After all, everyone knows what advantages they will enjoy when buying a product or service.

In the format of a list, it helps highlight this part, which should also consist of brief, explanatory and attractive texts. 

Visual aids

Images are a critical resource for most marketing strategies, and your value proposition will become much more interesting if you know how to use them well!

Include illustrations, images or photos in your proposition to exemplify and reinforce your message, and attract the attention of your potential customers.

What are the must-haves in a good value proposition?

You’ve seen that a value proposition’s structure is simple and doesn’t have many secrets – your focus must be objectivity!

However, there are certain other factors that you must have in your text so that it’s not only objective, but also manages to inform everything that your audience needs to know in order to choose your business.



Because the proposition’s content is very short, it needs to be extremely clear. 

You can’t have long explanations and details about your business, so every word has to count!

Simplify your message and make sure that when they finish reading, people will know all the key information about what you’re selling. 

In the case of an office chair, for example, this information may contain the material used, how and where it can be used, and the features that make it comfortable and ergonomic. 

If you offer free shipping, competitive prices, or other advantages, you can also explain this very directly in your proposition so that people fully understand these differentials your brand provides.

Language style

As with your other brand communications, in the value proposition, the language style must be in line with the target audience.

This is key to making people feel more confident and more likely to buy what you offer.

If you want to reach teenagers, for example, you can use an informal and even fun message, depending on the product you’re selling.

However, if your audience tends to be formal, the tone of your message should also be formal. Using a casual language style might make people feel that you don’t offer the seriousness and professionalism that they expect in your type of business.


We talk a lot about the importance of highlighting your business’ unique features and the advantages that customers will obtain when consuming your product or service.

However, your message must also be transparent and unbiased. Overstating a certain feature, if what you sell doesn’t meet those expectations, is a bad idea.

Your business certainly has qualities that are quite relevant to your audience, so be completely sincere about them, explaining how you can really help them. 

Don’t exaggerate or attack your competitors directly, just be sincere and transparent. This is the best way to win over customers and offer them a great experience!


When creating your value proposition, remember that, at that moment, the consumer wants to know more about your business.

Therefore, introduce yourself in a complete and objective manner.

Guide people along the path you need them to take in order to understand what you do and why your product or service is the ideal solution to their pains.

3 tips to help you avoid mistakes when creating a value proposition

When you do something for the first time, it’s quite common to be afraid of making a mistake. 

Therefore, in addition to showing you the correct structure and what your message must contain, we’ll also give you tips to help you avoid common mistakes when creating a value proposition!

1. Know your target audience

When creating a business, defining who will be interested in what you do is essential. If you haven’t stopped to think about this and define this profile yet, now is the time!

Creating a proposition without defining your target audience and your business’ persona is like sending a message in a bottle and hoping it will reach the right person. It’s highly improvable, isn’t it?

Study and know your audience well enough to know what attracts them and what language style is most appropriate.

This knowledge is crucial to your entire marketing strategy. So, do your research and define it carefully, so that your actions have positive results!

2. Study your competitors

Another strategy that works for almost everything in marketing is monitoring your competitors!

You need to know what they’re doing, where they are succeeding or failing, and which gaps you can use as your unique features.

If your competitor’s value proposition doesn’t talk about an advantage your business offers, this might be your chance to stand out and attract customers who aren’t finding the solution to their pain!

3. Determine the key benefit of your product or service

When it comes to presenting your product or service, do you feel like talking about all of the qualities to make sure your customers become interested? 

This might not be the best strategy!

A lot of information can be less attractive than a text that highlights the most relevant benefits.

Therefore, use the value proposition to highlight the main value of what you offer to your customers.

Show the value of what you do!

Don’t forget that people are looking not only for products and services, but also for experiences that are increasingly complete and personalized!

Therefore, the value proposition is an extremely valuable tool for your business and might be exactly what you need in order to win over more customers and improve your results.

And, if you’d like to learn about other strategies to amaze your audience, check out our tips for building customer loyalty!