what is remarketing and how can it boost your sales?

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What is Remarketing and how can it boost your sales?

Remarketing is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to interact with their audience and remind them of that product that can end up solving their problems!

Leonardo Leite

02/09/2017 | By Leonardo Leite

What will we see in this post

Remarketing is a resource that allows the display of content and ads to people who have already visited your website or come into contact with your campaign. It’s currently one of the most efficient tools to recover sales and in the optimization of relationship funnels with leads and customers. If you don’t know how to work with remarketing, this post is ideal for you!

Sometimes you access a sales website, and then, on your Facebook page and on other websites you visit, you get ads from that product. Yes, this is remarketing.

But before we start the step-by-step on how to use this technique, it’s necessary to understand why it is one of the most important resources in your campaigns, and also why it works so well for Producers and Affiliates.

The first reason this is such an important technique for any digital entrepreneur is the possibility of “refreshing” the memory of those who have already come into contact with your content, making the interaction between your website or campaign and the user much easier.

The second reason is the most well-known among Hotmart users: recover buyers who have abandoned your website.

After all, in most cases, many visitors will leave your page, and you yourself probably have already given up on a purchase while visiting a sales page, right?

Why is remarketing so important when selling online?

The decision of making an online purchase involves many different factors that go beyond price. Many variables influence this process, from the device the lead is using (computer, mobile or tablet) to the reviews the buyers have written about the product.

For this reason, many products need more than one interaction with the consumer to complete the sale. And one of the most efficient ways of resuming the contact with the consumers is through remarketing in networks such as Facebook and Google Adwords.

If you take a look at your computer screen, you will probably see an ad from a website you visited but ended up not completing the purchase. The e-commerce websites are masters in this technique, and you should become one too.

After all, this tool is applied not only to e-commerce, since digital products are also influenced by many factors in the buying decision, and remarketing is a more intelligent solution to show more reasons why the lead should buy the product.

How does remarketing work?

As mentioned above, it is possible to interact with people who have already seen your ads or website in a variety of ways, but do you know how this process works?

Before you make your ad, it is necessary that Facebook, Adwords, or the network in which you have decided to advertise, has the information of whom the users that already interacted with your ads or website are.

To do so, Facebook, Adwords, Taboola, or any other ad network, makes tools available to identify these people before you create your ad. Below you will see two different ways of making remarketing campaigns that you need to understand.  

1- Your email list

The first way of providing data for the ad networks is from your email list.

On Facebook, for instance, it is possible to integrate your MailChimp account or upload a spreadsheet with the contact information from your leads and direct personalized ads to this audience.

This way, you create another interaction channel with them, not depending on them opening the email messages, and communicating via Facebook as well.

A practical example of how remarketing may be used for your email list is when an Affiliate promotes a Cooking Course on Facebook for your email list captured in your Recipe Blog.

2- Remarketing Pixel

Unlike the list, the use of a pixel is capable of automating the remarketing process. To do so, you need to install on your website, the pixel made available by the ad networks such as Facebook and Adwords.

This pixel, besides being used to create images on your computer screen, captures information from people who visit your website.

With the information provided by this pixel, it is possible to monitor information such as the number of visits, the number of impressions from an ad, and, of course, to create specific campaigns to a personalized audience.

You will find a tutorial for you to work with remarketing on your Facebook campaigns in the end of this article, OK?

What are the different kinds of Remarketing interaction?

Many users are not aware of the possibilities remarketing brings, and to make your life easier, I have come up with a list of different situations in which you can use it in the promotion of products:

When people abandon your Sales Page

It’s fairly usual for people to reach your Sales Page without being ready to make a purchase. Maybe it’s not the right moment to spend that money, maybe they still want to think about it before completing the purchase, or even because they were not interested in the product.

Creating ads for people who abandoned your Sales Page, reminding them of your offer, offering them a bonus or highlighting the qualities of the product, are options of remarketing.

When you want to bring people back to your website

You can use remarketing to bring people who have already read some content you posted back to your blog. The main objective of this technique is to take readers who are on the top of the funnel to content that focuses on conversion.

For instance, if you have a blog on makeup and your objective is to sell a Professional Makeup Course, it’s possible to create content that is suitable to the level of knowledge of the reader, directing her to new posts until she becomes a customer.

When you are taking part in a launch and don’t want to depend only on emails

One of the sales strategies for a digital product is the launch. Its main characteristic is to have a purchase period limited to a certain time frame.

Throughout the period in which the shopping cart is opened, emails are sent to potential buyers and one of the ways you can boost up this message is to create ads for your list of people who are interested.

This way, besides sending the email message, your leads are reached on social media and on other websites that support remarketing.

When you want to send a second product to your buyers

Selling a new product to those who have already had a purchase experience with you is much easier than attracting a new customer.

With this in mind, creating ads for other products through the use of remarketing to your customers is a way of increasing their average ticket.

How do I create a remarketing campaign?

Before we get down to how you create your remarketing campaign, we need to tell you that it is possible to integrate your Conversion Tracking Pixel with Hotmart.

Besides the data for remarketing, with this integration it is much easier to integrate ads with our Hotlinks.

To integrate Hotmart with your Facebook pixel you just have to:

  • Access Tools from the Menu, and click on Conversion Tracking Pixel;
  • Select the Facebook from the options and paste the ID from Facebook (you will learn how to find this ID in the next section).

For Google Analytics, it’s a similar process:

  • Access Tools from the Menu, and click on Conversion Tracking Pixel;
  • Select the option Analytics and paste the tracking ID from Google Analytics. It’s important to remember that the ID number is found in ‘tracking information’.

How do I create a remarketing campaign on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the easiest tools in which to use Remarketing and it is very commonly used by more experienced Hotmart users. The process is simple, and to use it, you only need an email list or a blog, landing page or website.

Getting ready for remarketing

It starts when you create the Audience for Remarketing, and to do so, access your Adverts Manager on Facebook and click on Audiences:

the first remarketing step on facebook


Then, click on Create Custom Audience.

the second remarketing step on facebook

Select the option Website traffic to have access to the Facebook pixel:

the third remarketing step on facebook

In the next screen, you set up your pixel, and clicking on View pixel code, you can visualize it.

Warning: in the first topic of this screen you can see the ID (pixel identification number) that you will need to integrate with Hotmart, OK?

the fourth remarketing step on facebook

In the screenshot, you’ll see the final stage in the setup of your Facebook pixel. Read it carefully, and if you prefer, you can ask a programmer to help you install the pixel in your website. But this is actually a simple process, even for those with no experience in programming.

the fifth remarketing step on facebook

Creating a remarketing campaign

After you have successfully installed your pixel, it’s time to create your remarketing campaign. As we have already mentioned in other posts, the creation of a Facebook ad includes the choice of a good image, a persuasive text, and the complete understanding of the social network rules.

When you choose the Audience, you should select in your Saved Audience the name of the pixel or list you wish to interact with.

remarketing is easy-peasy

Remarketing is a resource that tends to evolve more and more in our market and if you don’t have a website or an email list, it is worth investing in these tools to take advantage of all the opportunities from the pixel.

If you have any doubts, just leave a comment in the section below!