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9 Programs to Create Awesome Video Intros

Engage and retain your viewers!

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Even if you’re just getting started with video production, you have probably seen or heard about video intros.

Video intros are short clips used to identify the channel, brand, or your online business and tend to include a visual layout and music.

There are several types of video intros: Graphical, photographic, TV, among others. You’ve certainly seen a few out there.

The biggest problem with video intros, however, is that many people believe that hiring professionals to create them is expensive.

This kind of thinking can prevent brands from reaching its goals, because in addition to making the material more professional looking, the video intro gives the business an identity.

The good news is that you can create your video intro without a lot of effort or investment!

Today, we’re presenting 9 programs you can use to produce a video intro. Shall we get started?

Why should my videos have an intro?

It’s true that not everyone who creates video content uses video intros.

Many people believe that they aren’t needed; others don’t know how to create them or think they are expensive, but the truth is that video intros are very important for audiovisual content.

A video intro is the first impression that your audience will have of your channel. This intro conveys the feeling that your video, channel or company is concerned about the details, that it has personality and is professional. After all, not everyone uses them, so they end up being a unique feature.

But not just any video intro will be pleasing and will convey everything we mentioned above. You need to be careful with certain aspects to ensure the success of your video intro. Check them out below:

What to consider when creating a video intro

  1. The maximum length suggested by experts is 5 seconds.
  2. It should be a presentation of your channel and the content you produce.
  3. Choose the style and elements of your layout carefully, always respecting your identity.
  4. Invest in the look. The video intro must be attractive and dynamic in order to grab the attention of those who are watching and keep them watching.

Would you like to start creating an intro for your videos? Then check out the list of programs that will help you in this process.

Tips of video intro editors

There are many video editors on the market. Programs that are free, paid, full and basic versions, for all tastes and skill levels.

In our list, you’ll find everything you need to know about programs for creating video intros.

Check them out below:

1. FreeIntroMaker

vinheta -FreeIntroMaker

FreeIntroMaker is one of the simplest, as well as the intros available. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for those who are starting a channel, don’t have a well-defined identity or need a fast and easy solution.

FreeIntroMaker is free, requires no registration and allows the download of video intros without watermarks and in any resolution.

The only requirement is that you share the link on their Facebook or Twitter profile. Once this is done, just download the video intro.

2. Flixpress

vinheta - Flixpress

Flixpress is among the easiest to use and one of the most popular for the creation of video intros.

You can use one of the 14 free templates to create your video intro and download them without watermarks.

There’s also a paid version with several unique plans and features. To use it, just change your account settings and hire the service.

3. iVipID

vinheta - iVipID

iVipID’s unique feature is that it offers several video intros.

On the other hand, it’s free version only allows low quality downloads with the iVipID watermark.

Prices vary between $1.99 and $ 34.90. These prices are worth it, because the platform is quite intuitive, modern and easy to use.

4. Biteable

vinheta - Biteable

Biteable allows you to create 2D video intros completely free of charge. To do so, just register on the website.

On the other hand, it’s only possible to download low-resolution video intros with watermarks.

In order to create high-resolution video intros without watermarks, you’ll have to pay a price that varies according to the video intro created.

Biteable’s website is intuitive, easy to use and offers several features for users interested in creating an intro for videos.

5. Panzoid

vinheta - Panzoid

Panzoid allows you to create your video intro from scratch, without the need of using readymade templates.

But, the tool isn’t easy to use. To do so, you’ll need basic editing and creation skills.

As a free program, Panzoid isn’t as modern and up to date at the other websites we mentioned above.

6. Animoto

vinheta - Animoto

Those who have video editing skills will find it easy to use Animoto.

This tool allows the creation of video intros online and completely free. However, you can only download the file without watermarks in the paid version.

It costs between $8 and $34 USD.

The website is complete, intuitive and very easy to use.

7. Wondershare

vinheta - Wondershare

Add your texts and logos in an easy, quick and dynamic manner with Wondershare.

It includes animated titles, badges, labels and other options that can be matched with the background, in addition to personalized music to create your video intro.

It’s available in both free and paid versions. You need to download the tool’s desktop or mobile version in order to use it.

But, it’s a bit expensive. The lowest price is around $99 for an annual subscription.

8. IntroChamp

vinheta - IntroChamp

Would you like to impress your audience with your video intro?

IntroChamp allows you to create HD intros and has a large variety of editable templates so you can add your logo, text, etc.

The templates of the available options are divided by vlog category, which makes it easy to search for the theme related to your segment.

The paid platform offers prices that can vary according to the chosen template.

9. Sony Vegas

vinheta - Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is among the best-known editing systems.

In its new version, Vegas Pro offers a fully customizable interface and total editing flexibility.

It allows you to edit in HD, 4K, the production of videos, audios, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, in addition to having countless features.

But it’s quite expensive. The new software costs $349.

You could use its trial version for one month, if you’re only going to create one video intro.

Well, have you chosen your editor? So, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Just like your video intro, the image that draws attention to your video is also important, and there are strategies for creating good thumbnails, i.e., cover images.

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