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The best jobs of 2019

Are you ready to take on a new challenge? Check out the best jobs of 2019 if you’re thinking about a career change.


02/06/2019 | By Hotmart

2019 is already here. For a lot of people, the beginning of a new year means evaluating the results of the previous year and planning ahead.

The first few months are ideal for outlining projects and goals that will be accomplished during this new cycle.

In the professional field, it’s very common to have as a new year resolution, to start a new job or even a new career.

But this is usually only a desire. Quite often, months go by and the dream gets postponed to the following year.

If this is one of your goals, but you still don’t know what to do or where to start, we can help you.

In this post, we’ll show you the 10 best jobs of 2019 that may inspire you to take on a new challenge!

1. Marketing Analyst

A Marketing Analyst is the professional responsible for a company’s marketing strategies.

This professional is in charge of the planning, creation, development, analysis, and measurement of each strategy carried out.

In the digital environment, this professional should focus on activities to broaden relationships with the public and boost the business.

A marketing analyst’s intent is to make the brand conquer space in the digital field such as websites, blogs, social media, etc.

This is the ideal job for someone who is dynamic and always attuned to the latest novelty on the market to attract consumers.

This person should always pay attention to details and the desires and feedback from customers. They also need to be familiarized with social media and data analysis tools.

This profession has become quite prominent, especially because this professional is sought after by many companies.

One of the major advantages of this career is that you can become qualified online. There are several courses, lectures, and material on digital marketing available online. So you can delve into this subject and prepare for one of the best jobs in 2019.

2. Data Science Analyst

A Data Science Analyst is one of the jobs of the future and it is on the rise in the job market.

Data Science basically consists of applying data knowledge to assist the company in the decision-making process or when devising strategies.

Professionals in this area need to use multidisciplinary knowledge because it involves Statistics, Math, Computing, and Business.

It is considered a valuable position in the digital market.

By collecting data from a significant base, and knowing how to interpret and apply it effectively, it’s a lot easier to achieve goals and expand the business.

This professional must be qualified to use data collection and analysis tools, as well as they need a strategic vision to use of the algorithms found and transform the numbers into solutions.

If you’re already familiar with this subject, this is a good time to think about specialization courses and going deeper into this field of expertise.

3. Producer

Have you thought about creating your own product on the internet?

This is what a Digital Producer does.

This professional is a specialist in a specific subject. They propagate this content in the digital environment and can work individually or in major corporations.

The materials are in digital format and are distributed or placed for sale online, including videos, audios, songs, eBooks, applications, lectures and even online courses.

All you need to work in this area is to be interested and expand your knowledge in a given area, and of course, you also need to be willing to make your expertise available to others.

It’s also important to evaluate the best way to convey the content, considering the format most fitting to your target audience.

And also, the best platform to make the products available and put them up for sale.

Digital Producers also need to be prepared to improve their knowledge and skills constantly, in addition to always being connected to digital market trends.

If you fit this profile, you can invest in this profession right now! And if you already a subject in mind to teach, you can get started by reading this post on how to create your own online course in video.

4. Affiliate

If you already know how to use sales techniques and want to continue working in this field, working as an Affiliate is one of the best jobs for you in 2019.

An Affiliate is an expert in sales who acts as a partner helping third parties to promote their digital products, earning commissions in exchange for it.

Affiliates have a broad knowledge of the digital market, identifying trends and opportunities to contribute to the development of their partner businesses.

The ideal profile of this professional requires being resourceful and having credibility and it’s a great job for those who wish to work on their own without having to develop their own product.

This field of work also involves the analysis of the best platforms to place the products for sale and how efficient their customer service for Affiliates is.

If the possibility of promoting digital products has sparked your interest, go right ahead and take on this challenge!

5. Software Engineer

Software Engineering is a computing area aimed at the creation of computer systems and programs.

This isn’t exactly a new profession, but it has been gaining increased importance in the current market due to the development and use of technology.

Recently, a lot of companies have been automating their services or developing their own systems in different areas.

Moreover, this professional is also responsible for the creation of applications, games or digital platforms.

In order to enter this profession, you need to be trained in the area. Then, you can also work in the areas of innovation, startups, public or private companies, and major corporations.

6. Coach

A Coach is a specialist in human potential, training and development techniques.

This area is in high demand in the market and therefore, it has been chosen as one of the best jobs of 2019.

This job contributes to a person’s interpersonal development, and it can be applied in different areas of life, including the professional area.

This professional is qualified to identify and strengthen skills and potential in people, helping them to achieve their best performance in the areas in need of development.

The ideal profile of this professional is someone who is caring and efficient, capable of helping clients identify their goals and providing the tools that will help them accomplish those goals.

Coaches can carry out on-site and online consultations or even teach online courses.

7. Digital Influencer

This is a strong trend in today’s market.

You’ve certainly heard the term digital influencer and can probably mention a few that you follow.

This term is used to identify those that are able to influence the behavior of their audience through their posts or recommendations on their social media accounts.

They are well-known bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, etc.

It’s a form of digital entrepreneurship capable of generating a very satisfactory financial return. Therefore, it’s a profession you may want to consider pursuing.

Nevertheless, in order to become a Digital Influencer you need to invest in the production of quality content and define your niche.

With a high level of credibility and loyalty from their audience, these professionals are highly sought-after when companies develop marketing strategies to promote brands.

Thus, it’s possible to profit from having your image linked to a brand or also using your influence to promote your own products.

8. Statistician

Statisticians work with the analysis, collection, study, and projection of data in various areas.

These professionals are capable of working in industries, companies, human resources, and the financial sector. They also participate in studies or provide consulting services in person or online.

However, with the evolution of technology, this profession has undergone significant changes.

Associated to computing or the internet, it is possible to work in the creation of statistical programs, or also in the study and analysis of search engines and setting up data banks.

For those who have an affinity with math, analysis and data counting, investing in this field or work can certainly open new doors for your career.

9. Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering is among the promising careers of the future.

The Concern with the Environment in all spheres of human activity is not merely a trend, but in fact, it’s extremely relevant when it comes to safeguarding our future.

Therefore, this professional is in high demand.

Environmental Engineers evaluate the conditions of the site so as to generate the lowest impact possible to the environment.

This job requires multidisciplinary training that involves analysis and risk containment, as well as conservation and environmental education.

This professional can also provide consulting or create new products in this area.

10. Information Security

This career is in high demand because it’s aimed at a company’s most valuable assets: digital information.

The Information Security specialist is the person responsible for storing and maintaining a company’s confidential information.

They are in charge of establishing preventive actions against cyber attacks, invasions, fraud and data leaks.

This requires extensive knowledge in the computer area and constant updating of current viruses and security failures.

There are various courses and certifications both online and offline, which can prepare those who wish to enter this market.

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

To start out in a new profession you need to be committed to studying and you also have to be willing to pursue knowledge. Having an affinity with technology can be highly beneficial too.

You have probably noticed that most of the best jobs of 2019 involve the internet.

It provides several advantages for those who wish to work with it, such as flexible hours, broadening your audience reach and even speed and agility in business.

If you identify with these characteristics and want to delve into the digital business, we recommend our complete guide on digital entrepreneurship to help you get your idea off the ground.