Essential sales strategies for digital products

Check out the 4 fundamental tips from our sales expert for those who work on the internet.

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Lots of people have great ideas. They create their products, start selling them online and believe that, from there onwards, it’s just a matter of time before they start to make a profit.

Well, that’s not exactly right.

Okay, your product is ready. So all you have to do is sell it. But where to start?

Before you jump headfirst into the digital market, I have four sales strategies for digital products used and validated by the greatest Hotmart Producers, who will help you develop your own structured method so you can get off to a great start!

  1. Create valuable and free content to foster your audience
  2. Have a high-conversion sales page
  3.  Sell transformation, not price
  4. Participate in an Affiliate Program
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1. Create valuable and free content to foster your audience

This is an important step even before thinking about putting your product up for sale.

You need to create value for your audience even before you start selling them your actual product.

This has to be done because this type of content creates authority with your audience. In other words, people start seeing you as a reference in your market.

If you still don’t offer free content for your potential customers, we have several platforms that can help you fulfill this task:


Create content that your audience can easily access and enjoy.

Direct the content to the segments in which you intend to work, keep in mind that at this point, you’ll also need a well-defined persona so that your articles are indeed relevant.

(If you have any questions regarding the type of text you need to create for your blog, read our article with 10 tips to write more compelling content.)


We all know that YouTube is one of the most widely used search tools in the world. Therefore, using this tool can further boost your reach.

The market trend is that video format will grow dramatically. So, also invest in this format.

Don’t forget that you should think exactly like your audience. So, only post content that it’s appealing enough so that you would consume in a heartbeat.


Facebook is ranked #1 in the most popular social media in the world.

The creation of a Fanpage in which you can promote the content created on other platforms is a great sales strategy for digital products!


Make no mistake: Instagram is one of the biggest digital market promises in 2019. Therefore, start using this tool in your sales strategy for digital products right now, and stay one step ahead of others!

Remember: Don’t limit yourself to using one or two content delivery options, they are complementary!

And, regardless of how your content will be made available, remember: the key to making it work is consistency. So, have a well-defined posting frequency schedule to keep your audience engaged!

2. Have a high-conversion sales page

Have you ever heard the expression, “First impressions are lasting impressions”?

Well then, think of your landing page as a showcase for your product.

It has to be nice and attractive, and it needs to show buyers you have the solutions to break down their objections, and especially, it needs to have high-quality content.

It’s also important that the landing page is responsive, since the consumption of content via mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) in the digital market has grown significantly in recent years.

Using landing pages is a key strategy when you want to capture leads, which are your product’s potential buyers.

Let’s suppose that you offer an eBook as a reward for the email addresses of those interested in your content. It’s to this page that they will be directed.

It’s worth stressing that all information you receive must be authorized by your customer. This is what we call permission marketing, in which the lead confirms their interest in continuing to receive emails because they like the content you make available.

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3. Sell transformation, not price

Starting your product’s process of delighting customers, having your “price” as your best argument will certainly backfire.

Again, think like your audience:

  • What delights you?
  • What captivates you?
  • How would you like to be treated by a sales rep?
  • What makes you go back to any business?

These answers often vary, but I can summarize them into experience and transformation.

You can’t go wrong if your discourse is based on these two words and on how your product can delight and transform your buyer.

Be honest and detail what you’re going to deliver, make the purpose of the product clear and never offer something you don’t have.

Remember that enticement and transformation extend to the entire journey: pre-sale, sale and aftersales.

There’s no use in delighting your buyer until they fill out their purchase information at the checkout if your aftersales doesn’t offer the same experience afterward.

Transform your buyer into an ambassador of your product!

4. Participate in an Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program – one word, 5 letters: GREAT.

One of the greatest advantages of the digital market is the possibility of scaling sales in a way that was unimaginable before. And it’s in this respect that an Affiliate Program is unique.

I always say that the use of Affiliate Programs is definitely a business moment.

If your product already has sensational content that is being consumed and praised by your customers, if you have a well-defined persona, if you already have enough numbers to know what you need to work on to achieve amazing results, this is the moment!

Working in partnership with Affiliates, making your product attractive, with good commissions and prizes to provide to your Top Affiliate base, you can’t go wrong!

Your chances of increasing sales are much greater, since, in addition to applying all the sales strategies to your product, you’ll also have other sales experts doing the same.

And voilà!

By applying at least one of these three strategies, you’ll notice a significant difference in your business. But the combo of all four means success!

Let’s start making more money, shall we?

In order to understand the Affiliate Program better, also check out our post that explains if having affiliates promoting your product is really worth it.



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