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Why you shouldn’t miss Hotmart Camp 2021 – the event at ON FIRE!

Hotmart Camp is back! It has tripled in size for the 2021 edition. Check out why you shouldn't miss the event!


09/15/2021 | By Hotmart

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Do you want to start your digital product from scratch? Or, do you feel that your results aren’t great and could definitely use some improvement? Then, Hotmart Camp – the event at ON FIRE – is perfect for you!

First, save the date for ON FIRE 2021: it takes place on October 19, 20, and 21. During the three days of the event, Hotmart will bring you the future of online events, with 4 interactive stages and a star-studded lineup with the biggest names in the digital market.

On the Instructive stage, you’ll get to learn with Hotmart Camp: participants will experience hands-on immersion with high-value content.

And best of all, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from Hotmart’s top experts how to create a digital product and scale sales in real-time!

Want to learn a bit more about how Hotmart Camp will impact creators and the main advantages of attending the event? Just keep reading!

What is Hotmart Camp?

Hotmart Camp is a Hotmart event that has helped thousands of people worldwide create their first digital product and make their first sales.

It all started back in 2018, as an experimental project, and during its very first edition, it presented success cases, showing how it’s, in fact, possible to make a living from your dreams.

The event used to be 100% in-person, with a full day of immersive, hands-on content. When the world changed, Hotmart adapted the Hotmart Camp formula, too. 

And now we have an even bigger and better new edition!

In 2021, Hotmart Camp won’t only have one day of content, but three full days, which will be held simultaneously with ON FIRE. And, of course, taking place online.

The content includes creators from all over the world, with classes in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Libras – Brazilian sign language – (for the talks in Portuguese).

Only at Hotmart Camp, you have access to:

  • Exclusive content prepared by Hotmart experts
  • Classes with hands-on topics that can be easily put into practice
  • Valuable insights to make your digital product sell more and more
  • Workbook for the first day of class
  • Printable worksheets to start practicing what you learn

In addition, the classes will be held in real-time. In other words, you’ll be able to follow all the lessons LIVE with the experts. 

💡 Why participate in ON FIRE? 5 reasons why you can’t miss Hotmart’s incredible online event

Where can I access Hotmart Camp 2021?

As mentioned earlier, this year’s Hotmart Camp will be an online event inside ON FIRE!

To do so, we’ve prepared an exclusive stage called Instructive. And as the name suggests, our idea is to have three days of rich and instructive content guided by Hotmart experts, who will transform your ideas and your knowledge into a digital business. 

What is Hotmart Camp’s target audience?

The event is ideal for taking content creators to the next level. If you’re still in doubt whether this is the perfect event for you, check out some of the points raised below:

  • Do you have some knowledge about the digital market but don’t know how to turn your idea into a profitable product?
  • Do you want to sell at Hotmart but don’t have the time to study and put everything into practice?
  • Are you ready to start right away and become a successful online entrepreneur?
  • Do you need sales strategies that are easy and fast to implement?

Well, if you’ve checked at least one of the questions, Hotmart Camp is certainly for you! 

What are the advantages of participating in the event?

Now that you know a little more about the event, which will take place on the Instructive stage at ON FIRE, check out below the main advantages of being part of Hotmart Camp:

Learn tried-and-true strategies

Hotmart Camp was created for those who want quality content that can be applied as soon as the event is over.

So, IT IS NOT A TALK OR COURSE, but a real class with real content. Our goal is to give you solutions that impact your digital business’ success and sales.

Get closer to renowned experts

We have a great team lined up for the three days of Hotmart Camp. We have selected Hotmart’s top Digital Marketing experts to compose the event’s panel.

We’re talking about professionals who study the digital product market daily and are ready to present the best solutions.

Three days of exclusive content

The entire content presented at the event will be held in a special studio and streamed inside ON FIRE’s Instructive stage.

The entire stream will be completely exclusive, with content that has never been presented before.

This will keep you up to date with the best insights into the digital product market and Digital Marketing itself.

Get additional materials at home

Those who guarantee their ON FIRE ticket will receive a workbook at home with the content of the first day of the event.

In addition, they will also receive printable materials with hands-on, high-value worksheets.

Content for creators worldwide 

The ON FIRE and Hotmart Camp events will be simultaneously streamed worldwide in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Libras (Brazilian sign language). 

Speakers will give lessons in many languages and focus on different markets from all around the globe, including the UK, The United States, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and much more!

What participants from other editions say about the event

Below, we have a few testimonials from those who have participated in previous Hotmart Camp editions and put what they learned into practice!

Marina Naves – O Armário Perfeito

Marina is only one of our success cases. Soon after, she put what she learned at Hotmart Camp into practice, within 45 days she made a launch that generated more than R$ 40,000.00 in sales. All this without spending anything on ads!

“In two hours I already had the idea for 3 new courses that I intend to produce. Hotmart Camp classes cover many aspects, and everything I learned there made me feel more secure.”

Jéssica Urbano – Curso Dançando em casa

With a 100% digital course that aims to empower women, Jessica saw Hotmart Camp as an opportunity to scale her digital product!

“Hotmart itself already has great courses for those who want to learn about the company. Hotmart Camp was very important to help me have a better understanding of personas and sales funnels. Since I used to study on my own, having this knowledge up close and fast – even networking – is very enriching.”

Tânia Correia – Canal Inteligente

With a large number of followers on her YouTube channel, Tania Correia used the knowledge from Hotmart Camp to launch her own course!

“When I first heard about Hotmart, I immediately saw the platform’s potential. I was struggling to see my final product or even design a niche, and Hotmart Camp made that realization possible. With the clear definition of a launch presented at the Camp, I’ll be able to sell even more in upcoming launches.” 

Who are our confirmed specialists?

Check out the names that have already been confirmed for this year’s edition:

  • Ana Clara Gregory – Marketing Analyst at Hotmart
  • Carol Picoli – Marketing Coordinator at Hotmart
  • Dani Bianchin – Product Marketing Analyst at Hotmart
  • Luiza Salles – Copywriter at Hotmart
  • Matheus Tavares – Media and Performance Analyst at Hotmart
  • Paula Zanella – Product Marketing Copywriter at Hotmart
  • Vitor Campolina – Marketing Analyst at Hotmart

How to guarantee your spot at ON FIRE and Hotmart Camp

The first edition of ON FIRE is already a can’t-miss event – so make sure you’re not left out!

With more than 100 speakers and over 100 hours of content, the event offers three types of tickets: Free, Biz and VIP.

To access Hotmart Camp, get the BIZ or VIP tickets.

Check out the full event schedule of talk and keep up with the latest news at our official website

You can find more valuable content on our YouTube and Instagram profiles, too!