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Hotmart Pocket: it is now easier to manage your digital business!

You now have a new, faster way of managing your business, with a lot more comfort. Learn more about Hotmart’s new app, Hotmart Pocket!


06/16/2017 | By Hotmart

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Pocket will soon be disabled. To track your results and have everything you need for your online business, download Hotmart Sparkle. Click here to learn more!

Hello, Hotmarter, how are you? If there’s one thing Hotmart does, since it was founded, is to invest in tools so that our users can achieve better results (HotLeads and Automatic Lead Management (ListBoss) are just some of them!). And with Hotmart Pocket, you now have a new, free app, to manage your digital business much more easily.

Would you like to learn more? Discover a new amazing tool we have prepared just for you!

We know that, more than offering a variety of free and efficient tools, it is possible to constantly evolve to make sure that your business with Hotmart can soar even higher.

That’s why we have thought of a way of making your processes more accessible and faster, providing you with the opportunity of focusing on the development and promotion of a digital product.

That’s right! With Hotmart Pocket, Producers and Affiliates have, on the palm of their hands, all the necessary tools they need to manage their digital business in an even faster and more practical way – which is essential to achieve more expressive results, right?

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Learn more about your new app, Hotmart Pocket! Check out some of the features it offers…


We know that you can find a lot of information to monitor your sales on the Hotmart Platform, and now, with Pocket, it’s easier to do so:

Information on the palm of your hand: you can access information from your buyers, check your income and monitor your sales – from the moment the customers visit your page to the moment they make the purchase.

Accessible graphs to come up with new ideas: we’ve just told you you can see your sales on the palm of your hand, haven’t we? They will be available for you in accessible and easy-to-read graphs. This way you will come up with insights to develop new strategies.

Analyze information more easily: you can check information from your sales, segmented according to purchase date or currency and use available filters to see everything in the segmentation you desire.

See the evolution of your numbers: if you are a Producer, Affiliate or Co-Producer, you can check your sales on Hotmart Pocket in the blink of an eye.


But the Producers are not the only ones who have something to gain! Affiliates also have advantages to optimize their performance, OK?

Choosing partners: if you prefer to choose a number of partners for your business, you can approve or reject them with just one click. You will see the achievements from those who want to collaborate with you and can quickly assess their profiles.

Sales Links available: Affiliates have at their disposal the sales links from the products they promote, making it easier to post on social media and to provide them to a new customer, for example.

Don’t waste any more time! Make the best of all the advantages Hotmart Pocket has to offer! Download the 100% free app and manage your digital business in an even faster and more practical way, and make it soar!

*Available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Download on the App Store and Google Play!

See you soon! 😄