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10 steps to attract the perfect Affiliate to your product

10 easy steps to boost your sales and grow your business.

Leonardo Leite

05/23/2019 | By Leonardo Leite

So, you’ve finally created your product, it’s ready to be sold and reach high temperatures at Hotmart, right? Then, it’s time to promote it, and finding the right Affiliates for your niche is one way to boost your sales quickly.

But, if using Affiliates to increase the reach of your product is still an issue for you, you no longer have to worry.

This post teaches you 10 steps to attract true business partners and call the attention of Affiliates who can take your product to the next level. Check them out:

However, before showing you how to attract Affiliates and go through with these steps, we need to let you know the 3 interaction channels between Producer and Affiliate within Hotmart.

Closed Affiliates Program

Here, the Producer chooses not to use Hotmart’s Affiliates program, therefore, the producer is the only one to promote the product. Although a valid option in some cases, it’s not the most recommended for people trying to increase the sales of their product quickly.

Only previously approved Affiliates can promote the product

You choose the Affiliates program, but you decide exactly who can promote your product based on your requirements. It’s the ideal option for Producers who are trying to find people willing to promote and generate sales but wish to know exactly what the Affiliate is doing to reach this goal.

All Affiliates can promote the product

Leaving 1-click Affiliation open to any Affiliate is an opportunity to get a lot of promoters very fast. However, it’s important to clarify that, in these cases, the Producer must be attentive to how their product is being promoted and how the interaction among Affiliates is.

All these 3 options can be easily set by going to the screen Edit Products and, regardless of your choice, understanding that the Affiliate is a business partner is the way to attract the most appropriate users for your business following these 10 steps:

1 – Choose a really good picture of your product for the Hotmart Market

In most cases, the first contact of the Affiliate with your product is on Hotmart’s Market screen. There, your product fights thousands of others for attention, that’s why you should add an eye-catching image right away.

The photo must be in JPG, PNG or GIF format and be 2MB tops. Plus, using the Producer’s picture or your Company’s logo together with something that features your product is an excellent option.

Producers who know the value of a good Affiliate, use this space to highlight some benefits for people who promote it, such as commission, promotions and even prizes for people who get good results.

2 – Enter exactly what you expect of your Affiliates in the field “Information for Affiliates”

The description area of your product is where the Affiliate will understand what your product is about. There, you will find a place to write down the information Affiliates need and, unfortunately, many Producers forget to add a good text that is clear and persuasive.

This space was created so you can explain the requirements to promote your product and how the Affiliate can get in touch with you. Another important aspect of this description is highlighting the advantages of promoting your product. This means that this is where you show how attractive it is for Affiliates to promote your product.

3- Use groups and forums to find partners for your business

To attract good Affiliates it’s not enough just putting your product into the Market. Because just like it takes a lot of effort to find good suppliers, partners, and associates, finding the best Affiliates is no different.

The simplest way to get in touch with prospects to promote your product is by interacting on Facebook groups and discussion forums about the topic.

In these spaces, you can exchange ideas with Affiliates who, just like you, are interested in selling more.

how to attract affiliates in 10 simple yet essential steps

Affiliates are a part of your business. The better you can manage them, the more results they’ll bring to your product.

4 – Turn people who are related to your niche into Affiliates

The Affiliates market is still unknown to lots of people. Even by those who have their own websites and pages with a considerable audience. Inviting them to work with Hotmart, starting with your product is a way to get qualified Affiliates who are still learning how to play the game.

For example, if you have a course on how to play the guitar and you know a YouTuber with a huge audience who plays covers of famous hits, you can invite them to promote your product in exchange for commissions.

The Producer who wants to get Affiliates by taking this step needs to be very patient. After all, you need to convince the person not only to sell your product but also show them how to take part in an Affiliates Program is beneficial.

5 – Attend events in the area

Besides exploring forums and Internet communities, you can start going to events or meetings of Hotmart users in your city. There are several events like that all year long, and Hotmart has its own event: FIRE.

Good networking many times is all you need to start your partnership with that one Affiliate who is just the right one for your audience.

6 – Create exclusive materials for your Affiliates

Affiliates need content to do a good job with your product.

In order to help them, creating exclusive material they can use is key. In other words, make your Affiliate’s job easier.

How to go about that?

Create a good sales page, thinking about your Affiliates different needs.

For example, an Affiliate who works with email promotion needs a page with fewer details than one who uses Facebook ads as her main source of traffic.

Make promotion material available. Banner, images for ads, create email models and videos so that your Affiliates can use them to boost sales.

Let them know exactly who your audience is, that way you can help your Affiliates when they create their campaigns, considering they will be able to segment them to the right audience.

Enable the Dynamic Alternative pages option on the Hotmart Platform. With them, the Affiliate can use any free content that you created in your own campaigns. That is, the dynamic alternative pages are a way to send traffic to the capture pages or even to the content pages.

Do a quick research on Hotmart and become an Affiliate to the hottest products.

You’ll soon notice that a good part of them have many alternative pages so that Affiliates can choose how they are going to promote the product.

7 – Offer a fair commission

Each product has an average sales cost for the Affiliate. In some cases, this cost is low and the Affiliate quickly recovers the sales cost with the profit he makes in the commission. In other cases, especially when the product is new, the Affiliate doesn’t know the cost and she needs to make some tests.

That’s why the commission you offer must cover the sales costs and still have a profit margin for the Affiliate. So, if you offer low commissions, it’s likely that Affiliates will run away from your product.

Look on Hotmart’s products what is the commission percentage regarding the most common price in your niche. This helps you understand the prices in your market, even if your product is new.

8 – Enable Hotmart’s tools that help Affiliates

Hotmart has many tools that help Affiliates promote your product. However, in order for them to use all we have to offer, you need to enable some of them.

One of the favorite tools for Affiliates who also create content is the Automatic Bonus Delivery.

With this system, it’s possible to deliver files or websites along with the product the Affiliate is promoting and Hotmart is responsible for automatically sending this content to the buyer. This means that the Affiliate doesn’t need to worry about sending the bonus she had promised.

Another essential tool for your Affiliates is the use of HotLeads in your email capture pages. It’s through this tool the lead generated by Affiliate is marked and, if she buys your product, Hotmart can also identify by the email who was responsible for that sale.

You need to enable both tools and they’re pretty easy to set up.

9 – Talk to your Affiliates

As I’ve said at the beginning of this post, understanding that the Affiliate is a business partner is the best way to make them do their best. Major Producers usually have the role of Affiliates Manager in their teams, which is a professional able to answer many of the Affiliates demands and, especially, guide them to do a good job.

But, even if you don’t have a team, you must take on the role of taking care of your business partners once it is vital for your business growth. You need to listen to your Affiliates and think of ways to make them more productive.

Have recurring meetings on Skype with your best Affiliates and try to help the ones who aren’t performing well, but who show interest and potential. Never forget: they are a part of your business.

10 – Be your own Affiliate

Nothing is better to know what your Affiliate wants and needs than being your own promoter. Try to sell your own product. Besides being essential for your business independence, it’s important to let you keep the conversation on the same level as your Affiliates.

Difficulties in finding the right audience, possible problems with your page and possible improvements that only an Affiliate is able to find can be found when you promote your product.

This post was originally published in November 2016 and has since been updated to convey more complete, accurate information.