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Time-saving Instagram automation tools you need to know

Check out the best automation tools to save time and focus on what really matters!


06/03/2020 | By Hotmart

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Working from home is a dream shared by many, and fortunately, it’s becoming more common by the day. Considering how important social media is for pretty much every business, managing various channels is crucial for a business’s success, especially in the case of digital influencers.

Among the dozens of platforms out there, Instagram stands out with over 1 billion users around the world. In other words, this is the ideal social network for those who want to boost their brand.

But editing and posting photos, replying to followers’ comments, sending private messages, and monitoring metrics takes a lot of work and time that could be otherwise devoted to planning and focusing on creative work.

And what if I told you that it is possible to automate processes and concentrate only on the part that really matters?

With Instagram automation, you can save the time you need to focus on your strategy! Keep reading this article and learn more about tools that can help you.

What is Instagram automation?

Thanks to the growing power that digital marketing has achieved, offering quality content to your target audience is critical, especially on Instagram, where the race for likes and followers is fierce.

But creating a profile and posting every now and then isn’t enough. In order to be successful with your audience, you need a well-developed strategy, defining the type of content, posting frequency, tone of voice, and aesthectics that stands out.

In this sense, marketing automation will help you with this task. With this process, manual routines are performed automatically through specific platforms, including social media management routines.

With Instagram automation, you can schedule posts, check the best posting times, get to know your followers’ profiles, and even generate performance reports and custom metrics.

Pretty functional, right?

Why invest in Instagram automation?

With the right strategies and the proper use of these tools, Instagram automation allows you to focus on the creative part of the work.

In addition to being able to automate processes, you can easily measure your campaign results and save time.

You also generate more engagement with your followers, since certain tools allow you to send automatic messages, map your target audience and other ones, which are quite useful for your strategies.

All of this results in more productivity among those responsible for the management of this content.

Another benefit of marketing automation, which is most appreciated by Instagrammers, are the growth reports.

They allow you to monitor your profile’s performance on Instagram, if your goals are being achieved and also help you better understand the choices users make within your profile – which is great information to help you develop other strategies.

By knowing these choices, you are able to identify trends, both of your audience’s profile, as well as action plans to develop new campaigns.

And all this in an organized manner, which is great. All of this information, tools, and artificial intelligence are at the disposal of your business.

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What are the best Instagram automation tools?

Well, we have plenty of tools available on the internet that allow Instagram automation.

Due to this variety, picking the one that best suits you, and whose cost-benefit fits into your business’ budget can be challenging. 

Before you choose, you obviously need to think about how much you’re willing to pay and which features your business requires.

Therefore, research carefully before you decide. To help you, we have listed some of the best Instagram automation tools.  


Great features and convenience are indispensable for any Instagram automation tool, right? Well, these two points are the elements that permeate all of Agorapulse’s features.

If you’re the type of manager who likes to schedule a batch of content at a time, reorganize and rethink it, that’s all right. The platform turns this entire process into a much easier job.

Agorapulse has solutions for agencies, large teams, and it’s customized for customer service and marketing on social media.

It provides tools such as shared calendars, and CRM so you can understand your audience, in addition of course, to monitoring and interactions.

All of this costs between U$ 79 and U$ 399 a month.


Instazood, on the other hand, allows your Instagram profile to reach a more qualified audience, attracting people who are truly interested in your content.

Instazood allows you to automate the most basic processes, such as likes, following profiles and commenting, in addition to access to Instagram survey tools, which can be a great feature for your campaign. 

It costs between US$ 7.99 to US$ 11.99.


Postcron is recommended for those profiles that want to manage their content on their  Instagram feed better.

The platform allows the scheduling of posts, automated by Google Docs – or by an Excel spreadsheet –, and you can also add watermarks automatically in your images. 

It has four types of plans varying between US$ 8 and US$ 169 a month. 


As one of the most used platforms to improve Instagram performance, Postgrain is used by major brands and even personal profiles – who like posting photos on Instagram without going through too much work.

Its popularity is due to its features, which allow you to schedule posts, manage different users in a single environment and interact with your followers, in addition to having its own space to organize your sales.

The platform’s most recent feature is Postgrain Academy, an “academic universe” for those who are getting started in the social media routine.

The price to use Postgrain with both features is US$ 9.90 per profile!


This intuitive tool is great for organizing your feed and scheduling posts, especially if you wish to keep visually-pleasing aesthetics. 

It can also help you analyze your content’s performance and your audience’s engagement. Monitoring how your content is perceived by users is key to increasing your engagement rate and therefore, growing your channel. 

It’s a free tool for individual users, whereas for entrepreneurs it costs from US$ 7.50 to US$ 41/month. 

Followers Insight 

This app can provide you with valuable information about your account – such as the best time to post, the most popular posts, and tags with the most reach. 

Therefore, Followers Insight is a “friend” who provides you with key tips to keep your account moving, in addition to letting you know who has stopped following you, who interacts the most with your brand, and those who are the most loyal, for example.

The app is available for IOS and Android.

Automate processes and have time to sell!

Throughout this text, you were able to see that it’s quite possible to make it easier and quicker to perform certain processes and save valuable time to focus on making strategic decisions for your business. 

Now that you’ve learned about some of the main Instagram automation tools, it’s time to think about boosting your brand and increasing your revenue!

So, how about checking out how to sell more on Instagram, it has some great tips if you’re just getting started!