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What is marketing automation and how can it boost your results?

Discover the best ways to optimize your processes and increase sales!

Marketing automation – An illustration of gears.

Automation is a term used to explain the system that uses technology to make certain processes automatic.

An example of automation is industrial robots, which can be programmed to control their own mechanisms and execute processes, previously operated by humans, much faster and more efficiently.

In addition to industrial automation, which covers the example above, automation can also be used in the business world.

In this sense, we have the concept of marketing automation, used by various companies, with the help of tools and software, to improve and streamline processes; but also to reduce manual labor and boost sales, among other advantages.

Marketing automation advantages

You don’t need to be an expert in automation to know that this system has brought many benefits to various sectors, and it is certainly capable of increasing company productivity.

After all, you probably know that it’s better to have technology working for you than wasting your precious time doing repetitive tasks, whose results, you usually are unable to measure, right?

Therefore, marketing automation is handy when it comes to increasing sales and developing businesses. Below are the main advantages of this strategy:

  • Increased productivity: With automatic marketing processes, tasks will be performed faster than manually, and with higher quality, because software rarely makes mistakes, allows analysis and the measurement of results.
  • Process optimization: Since automation is completely based on data, you can use it to your advantage in order to analyze metrics and find opportunities for improvement. Thus, you can increasingly optimize the process.
  • Work agility: When automation tools are used, the work becomes more efficient and the team can focus on other strategic tasks. This truly speeds up the work as a whole.
  • Quality of the team: Tasks decrease with marketing automation, and complications generated by repetitive work, such as exhaustion, lack of motivation and the loss of quality in deliveries itself. Therefore, in addition to being great for the business, also works well for employees.
  • Customer satisfaction: Marketing automation is all about customer relationships and, in addition to all the advantages for the company and its employees, customers are served better and consequently, are more satisfied with the service.

Where can it be applied?

Marketing automation can be applied effectively in certain areas. Below, we’ll explain where you can apply automation to improve processes and boost your sales.

Email marketing

This is the most famous area where we can apply automation.

Specialized tools are used (you’ll find a few examples later on) to capture leads, manage them in the tool, create segmented email flows and even auto-reply emails.

A simple programming of the processes allows you to automate all the work and sit back while you wait for a robot to do it all for you.

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? 

But it’s marketing automation saving our lives. Of course, you’ll have to check if the processes are working as planned, if updates/adjustments are needed and especially, analyze the metrics and identify what can be optimized.

Social Media

Automation on social media is also widely used by marketing professionals working in this area.

It is mainly used to allow the scheduling of posts and replying automatically.

In addition, marketing automation tools for social media are very useful for the analysis of strategies. Considering that they normally include features and metrics that are crucial for professionals.

They allow the analysis of posting performance, the audience’s tastes, the topics that are searched the most and comparisons with the competition.


Yes, it’s also possible to apply marketing automation to design! Especially when we talk about the automation of landing pages, which are important marketing and sales resources.

With tools, such as CRM or Customer Relationship Management, you can program landing page designs so that anyone with minimal knowledge can replicate them automatically.

Even allowing them to have their own particularities, but nothing very different from their default design.

Okay, now you know where to implement automation to improve your results. How about learning about which tools make this amazing system possible?

Marketing automation tools

These are the main marketing automation tools and their features:


Hubspot is an Inbound Marketing tool capable of automating your strategies as a whole. It’s a CRM, do you remember what this means? Customer Relationship Management.

So, with Hubspot you can:

  • Create your website without help from developers.
  • Automatically create landing pages.
  • Generate traffic.
  • Convert leads.
  • Segment email marketing campaigns.
  • Nurture leads and your relationship with them.
  • Track customers.
  • Analyze the strategies to be optimized.

You can get started with the free tools or opt for the premium version, which has more features. 


Mailchimp is a free, simple and intuitive marketing automation software, which is highly recommended for beginners.

Despite being simpler, Mailchimp has a great cost-benefit, offering several features and integrations.

With it, you can:

  • Automate email.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Contact your audience.
  • Manage Facebook and Instagram campaigns.
  • Perform a few optimizations.
  • Integrate with other apps.

But you can also upgrade to paid versions, which include even more benefits.


Leadlovers is also a digital marketing automation tool, but without CRM.

It’s main focus in on email automation, the creation of landing pages and members’ area for DE courses.

Among its key automation features, we can list the following:

  • URL shortener
  • Scarcity counter
  • Facebook messenger
  • SMS Marketing
  • Conditional trigger

Social Bakers

Unlike the others, Social Bakers is a management and automation software for social media.

With it, you can manage teams and strategies, automate searches for the right audience, optimize content and posting scheduling, compare competitors’ strategies, measure and optimize campaigns, and create automated reports.

This is paid software, but you can get started by using the trial version.

Automate your processes and increase your sales

There are many mechanisms, tools and techniques to make any entrepreneur’s life easier.

And the automation system is, among other things, a great way of increasing sales. However, you need to know this entire universe well so your strategies can be successful.

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