Improve quality of life at work


Is It Possible to Improve the Quality of Life at Work?

10 tips to improve your well-being at the workplace.


07/18/2022 | By Hotmart

Improving the quality of life at work cannot be measured on the basis of a single variable, since it is a complex subject involving several factors. It is necessary to check the level of employee satisfaction with the functions performed, with the workplace, remuneration, and relationships with the team, among other factors.

Of course, it isn’t always possible to be completely satisfied with all these aspects. But it’s critical that people feel recognized, motivated, and respected within the company.

It is common to think of the quality of life at work as something that should be only provided by the company. However, employees also have a great responsibility for their well-being within organizations.

In this text, we will present 10 tips to help you improve your quality of life at work based on small attitudes.

But before we move on to the actual tips, you need to understand why it is important to have a better quality of life in the professional environment.

The importance of having quality of life at work

Most people devote most of their day to work, whether within an organization or in their own business.

Staying in a job that is considered bad, with inadequate conditions, which doesn’t make the person feel welcome and appreciated, can trigger physical health and even psychological problems.

However, those who think that focusing on the quality of life only serves to benefit employees are wrong.

Companies that work their organizational climate and have employees who feel good at their workplace, who have a good relationship with other employees are more motivated to work, are more dedicated, and end up bringing better results to the company.

If you believe in what you do and feel that you can evolve in your career, contribute to the business’ growth, and improve your personal life with the fruits of your labor, it is likely that you will work harder to achieve organizational goals on a daily basis.

Now that you have understood the importance of improving your quality of life at work, as well as the quality of life of those who work with you, we’ll show you 10 attitudes you can apply daily:

1.  Work with something you like

We know that not everyone can have the job of their dreams, but doing something they love is essential to feeling good at work.

It is much easier to be dedicated and have the pep to carry out the activities when they give us pleasure or joy in contributing to the final result.

Therefore, the first step to having quality of life at work is to seek an activity with which you identify. If this isn’t your case, perhaps it’s time to look for other opportunities.

Make a list of the skills you have that can be used in a company. Then think about what would make you happy every day. Finally, compare these lists to find common ground and start charting new paths for your career. It can be another company, an enterprise, or even a change of position.

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2.  Talk to other people in your segment

If you are starting out in your career now or are thinking of changing areas, try talking to people who already work in the segment to get an idea of what they do, how they feel, what their day-to-day is like, and so on.

Sometimes we idealize certain activities that, when it comes down to it, are not quite what we imagined.

Even if your idea isn’t to change, it is important to have a dialogue with coworkers in the area to exchange information, see if they have the same perception as you, what they do differently that you can apply to your job or what other companies are offering better conditions for employees.

3.  Don’t procrastinate

We know that this is a hard tip to follow, but we guarantee that putting procrastination aside is worthwhile.

Putting tasks off for later only serves to accumulate work, increase anxiety and unclutter your entire schedule.

As tempting as it may be to leave the most boring tasks to be done on the last day, try to get everything done as quickly as possible to increase your efficiency and avoid any issues.

Think of it this way, when you procrastinate, you have no advantages. After all, in the end you’ll have to do everything anyway and in much less time.

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4.  Only do what you are able to do

As much as you want to do your best, you can’t do everything, take on all the work that appears and become overloaded.

You need to learn how to say no when you realize that you won’t be able to perform a certain task or when it will hinder your performance.

It’s better to be sincere at the beginning and to respect your limits than to assume responsibilities and not being able to deliver the expected result.

In addition to knowing how to position yourself, it is also important to recognize the moment to ask for help.

You are not required to know how to do everything, or to handle everything on your own.

A healthy work environment is one that allows you to count on your coworkers and partners so that tasks are carried out successfully.


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5.  Avoid gossiping

Relationships created in the workplace are also important factors for the well-being of employees.

Having a healthy and respectful relationship with coworkers, partners, clients and leaders brings harmony and motivation to the work.

To ensure this, avoid sharing gossip and stimulating a negative environment. By speaking badly of other professionals, you contribute to a bad environment, besides not receiving anything positive in return.

If you see coworkers gossiping, you can politely take a stand by saying that that information adds no value to the job and serves only to depreciate the person in question. This way, you propose a reflection and don’t contribute to this negative habit.

6.  Separate your work from your personal life

If you’re an entrepreneur, this tip may seem impossible, but it is essential to know how to separate your professional life from your personal life.

Taking time to do what you like such as visiting with family, hanging out with friends, and traveling, for example, are ways to rest up and take care of your health.

If your focus is fully on the job, over time, you will notice that your quality of life will diminish, you will get tired more, unmotivated and impatient to carry out the activities.

Balance is the secret to getting everything right, so be sure to organize yourself well.

Select the activities that you consider priority and set aside space in your calendar for them.


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7.  Respect your coworkers

You won’t always have an affinity with everyone you work with, but this shouldn’t be seen as a problem.

Even if you disagree with certain actions of your coworkers or leaders, think that they are at that position because the company believes in the work they do and wants them to be there.

To ensure your quality of life at work and of everyone else who shares space with you, the least that should happen is mutual professional respect.

Nobody needs to be friends with everyone, but everyone should be treated politely.

8.  Meet your deadlines and schedules

Whenever you take on a responsibility, work and to finish the activity within the agreed time. This way, you avoid the accumulation of tasks, the stress with delays and the disapproval of your coworkers, clients, and superiors.

You can create an online calendar, a planner, or even your own applications to help you get organized, but you cannot be lax with your obligations.

A company needs the commitment of all employees to achieve its goals, and when you don’t contribute to it, you end up causing organizational and individual losses. The pressure on you tends to increase and people begin to lose confidence in what you do, which can affect your motivation and work as a whole.

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9.  Be creative

Many people complain about their routine and the sameness that takes over the working environment. However, with a little creativity, it is possible to change this situation.

No one needs to invent new products and services every day to stand out in the market or feel motivated with what they do.

However, having a broader view and letting one’s imagination flow can bring excellent insight into what can be done differently and more dynamically.

Sometimes what you need to increase your quality of life at work is to merely change the approach you use with coworkers, doing everyday activities with a new outlook or proposing differentiated training programs for the company, for example.

The important thing is to use your creativity to feel stimulated and appreciate what you do.


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10. Take time off to rest

There’s no use in working non-stop on a project when you’re tired, without getting enough sleep, or engaging in other activities that relax you.

Taking breaks is crucial to straighten out your ideas, relieving the pressure and coming back to work more energized.

With your mind rested, you can produce with more quality, spend less time in activities and assimilate everything that is happening around you better.

Rest can be during a coffee break in the afternoon, taking a few days off or even a vacation. The important thing is to observe the signs that your body is sending you and respect them.

How can the company promote quality of life at work?

If you have come this far, you’ve seen that employees have a lot of responsibility in their own satisfaction with the work they do. However, the company also needs to do its part to increase the quality of life in its employees’ work.

If you are an entrepreneur or have a company, follow these 5 tips we have put together to help you maintain your employees’ well-being.

1.   Suitable working environment

Companies must provide the physical structure and the appropriate tools so that employees can have access to everything they need in order to carry out their activities.

The working environment needs lighting, ventilation, furniture and the appropriate technological resources, as well as a space where the workers’ can rest and eat their meals.

2.   HR should be always present and available to employees

Having a qualified team to manage people is essential for employees to have all the necessary support.

These professionals work to align employee demands with the organization’s strategic objectives and to carry out the most assertive training and development programs for each situation.

3.   The company focused on occupational health and safety

Working in a safe and healthy environment is one of the most important aspects of employees’ quality of life.

It is common to think of safety regulations only in professions involving construction, handling of hazardous machinery or toxic substances.

However, all companies need to be aware and minimize the risks to which their employees are exposed.

Nowadays, it’s common to find technology-focused companies where employees spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer.

In these cases, you can invest in workplace exercise programs or encourage pauses for walks and to move the body, for example.

Another possibility is the implementation of programs and training to reinforce rules and care that should be taken during activities, especially when they cause physical and/or emotional strain.

4.   Organizational environment

We have said previously that the employees must watch themselves so as not to become involved in gossip. However, the company also needs to create an organizational environment that favors good employee interaction and doesn’t encourage gossiping.

The organization is responsible for establishing the rules and values that will be experienced daily in the workplace. This is why it is so important to dedicate yourself to building a peaceful, respectful, and supportive culture.

5.   A well-defined and clear career plan

Motivation is one of the factors that influence the level of employee satisfaction with work.

A person who sees no future in the company and doesn’t feel appreciated is more likely to feel discouraged, have reduced productivity and even quit their job.

That is why companies need to work on well-defined and attractive career paths that will increase employee motivation and ambition. They need to understand exactly what they must do in order to move up in their careers, and they must also have access to the opportunities they require for their growth.

In this text, we talk a lot about employees’ quality of life and how they and the company need to work together to promote well-being in the work environment.

However, entrepreneurs also need, and should, look for healthy ways of coping with work so they do not let it affect their personal lives.

Do you want to know how this is possible? Check out our post with several tips on how to balance entrepreneurship and quality of life.