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Learn everything about lead magnets and capture qualified leads to boost your sales!

Lead magnet

Love at first sight. A romantic illusion. That is a common illusion many entrepreneurs share when they think that attracting new customers is easy. In real life, trust is earned over time, both in love and in business. Moreover, those who create content on the Internet need lead magnet in order to boost their sales. They need Lead Magnets.

Often, a prospective buyer will still be in the phase of discovering a need, or is still analyzing the options of solutions that a business can offer them.

And in this fierce competition, the winner is the one who has the best insights to win this person over. And this is where the strategies to transform this potential customer into a lead come in.

Many use lead magnets. So, keep reading and find out a little more about to attract new customers. 

What is a lead magnet?

The term can be defined as digital bait, but it doesn’t help explain its functionality. For that, you have to go back a bit and understand that people usually don’t become customers right away.

They research, look for the businesses that understand them best and have the best solutions for their pain points.

In turn, brands only understand this if potential customers provide certain information so that a relationship can begin. The closer the relationship gets, the better the brand will get to know them and recommend the best offers.

In order to capture this data, you need an exchange, which takes place with the lead magnet.

This term is defined by SEO and digital traffic expert Barry Feldman as “a free offer that you make in exchange for an email address (and possibly additional information).”

In other words, a lead magnet will awaken the attention of the potential customers necessary for them to provide you with their information.

The fact is that no one is willing to provide this information to just any company.

Businesses, in turn, need to understand this difficulty and win over potential customers by offering something in return.

This is where lead magnets come in.

What are the most common lead magnet formats? 

In order to explain it better, here are a few examples of the lead magnets most commonly used in digital strategies. 


Ebooks usually explore a subject in limited depth, to pique the curiosity for people to purchase a certain product. 

You can offer an ebook to those who provide their email address. This way you send it to their inbox, or release the download as soon as they fill in a field with their email address.

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Checklists are the steps on a given subject that you have mastered. They are easy to consume and very attractive.

These lists can be something like the “5 steps to creating powerful Facebook ads” or “check out the steps on how to schedule an Instagram post through the Facebook Creator Studio”.

Of course, always respecting your business’ theme and asking people to provide their email address before reading the content.


Another good example of lead magnets are spreadsheets. You can offer them ready-made for your potential customers to download and start using them.

This is a great strategy for those who do financial consulting. For example, you can create a full financial management spreadsheet and ask for their email addresses so you can send it to them.


These digital conferences are great for those who want to show their repertoire and knowledge in a certain subject. 

You can create a webinar about a technical aspect of the product or service you sell, and ask for their email address so they can attend that event for free.


Infographics provide data in a visually attractive way for people who like to inform themselves. 

Create infographics with great information and visuals, and provide it to your potential customers after they “pay” by providing their email address or other pertinent information!

Subscription club

A subscription club might be a great lead magnet to attract leads. 

Ask for the person’s email by offering exclusive content or regular newsletters that can briefly talk about what you sell. Not to mention that with this kind of strategy, you can build a long relationship with the potential customer. 

What are the benefits of creating lead magnets?

You have come this far and already understand what a lead magnet is, right?

So now is the time for you to find out why using it in your strategy will work and bring better results!

It helps attract potential customers

When someone becomes a lead, it means that they have a good chance of becoming a customer.

The more leads you have, the more chances you have of making sales.

It generates a consistent database about your users

Having a database is important for any business. 

With it, you can get to know your audience in order to develop a persona, and refine your digital marketing strategies, which can be increasingly assertive if you use this information in the right way!

It helps build audience loyalty

The relationship with a customer NEVER ends after the purchase. 

Those who think so will certainly have a lot of trouble in their enterprise. 

Keeping people interested in your products and services is key to your brand’s success. Moreover, with the information they have provided, it will be much easier to attract them to a new strategy. 

It increases your business’ authority

You’ve read about some of the most popular lead magnet formats, and all will help add value to your business by providing a certain type of knowledge. 

Therefore, in addition to having your lead’s address, you also gain the person’s trust and will be better evaluated in the marketplace. 

How to create an effective lead magnet

In order to obtain all the benefits listed in the previous topic, you need to follow a few steps.

Check out what they are: 

Know your persona 

For a lead magnet to efficiently attract potential customers, it is necessary to know their pains, identify their doubts, understand their needs, and then know what it takes to help them. 

All these issues are made easier when you know your persona, which will also help you find the best lead magnet formats according to your needs.

Offer a value proposition 

By knowing your persona, you’ll know how to answer their questions or how you can assist them in their needs.

This in itself will help add value to your lead magnet, but never forget to offer relevant content that is truly useful to their life. If you don’t, they’ll hardly be attracted. 

Structure the content

Simplicity rules when structuring a lead magnet. For this very reason, the lead magnet must be objective, clear, and must deliver on a promise. 

The suggestion is that it follow the path below:

  • What will people get after providing their information? The promise.
  • For whom and why are you creating this lead magnet? The interaction. 
  • The reasons why people should have the content. The benefit. 
  • What do people have to do in order to receive the content? The CTA. 

Remember that the lead magnet should be straightforward, and therefore, should have few fields to fill out. Ideally, it should only have an email field. 

Create a landing page 

Here, it’s important for your lead magnet to be on a capture page: the landing page. 

This page is where users provide their information so that they can then download the lead magnet’s content

As simple as it may be, this page needs to be attractive, well designed, and very clear, so that it doesn’t confuse the user.

Promote it!

Last but not least – really! – promote your lead magnet! Do this on your website, blog, social media, email marketing, and so forth.

There’s no shortage of places for this. Use those that best suit your persona, so you can reach them more easily and thus, obtain better results. 

What are you waiting for to create a lead magnet?

Well, now you know what lead magnets are, and the exact benefits they provide to you and your business.

Therefore, now it’s time to get down to business! Remember to:

  • Choose a good format. The most popular are ebooks, checklists, spreadsheets, webinars, and infographics
  • Know your persona in order to choose this format and better understand their pains
  • Offer a value proposition, something that really matters to your potential customers
  • Have an eye-catching landing page
  • Promote it on the best channels.

Lead magnets are important for your strategy to generate leads with greater value, which will result in more sales.

It needs to be convincing, amaze, and give back worthwhile content in exchange for their information! And for this, you need an eye-catching location that is able to convince the person to provide this information.

To do so, read this text on how to create a landing page  so that you can use your lead magnet effectively.



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