check out our tips and use marketing on linkedin that will make your digital business soar


Marketing on LinkedIn: a strategy that can make your digital business soar

Strategies of marketing on LinkedIn can bring amazing results for both Affiliates and Digital Producers. Read our post and check out some tips we have prepared for you!


02/02/2017 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

We know one of the major challenges faced by every digital entrepreneur is to come up with strategies that are innovative and help boost their digital business. And it is to help you come up with new ideas and explore new possibilities that today we are going to talk about something that can be a great benefit to those who want to become an Affiliate or a Producer at Hotmart: Marketing on LinkedIn.

You have certainly heard of this tool. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a social networking site like no other – here, the objective is to connect professionals from all over the world.

There are more than 450 million users worldwide.

You and your business cannot be left out, right? So, check out our tips and starting using all the potential LinkedIn has to offer.

Marketing on LinkedIn: how to start off on the right foot?

The first thing you need to understand is that LinkedIn is an amazing tool for those who want to build authority. With less space for memes and jokes, here, quality content is highly valued – and this can have a positive impact on your business, leading you to become a benchmark in your niche market.

LinkedIn is also a tool that can help you expand your network and even invest in strategic ads, that may lead to excellent results. And we are going to cover all that in the sections below.

But before we move on, the first golden tip of the day: you need to decide if you will create a personal profile or a company page. The personal profile focus on your skills and projects, whereas the company page has a timeline with all the articles posted.

You can choose one of the according to your strategy, and you may also have both: you can use a personal profile that gathers all the information about your career and build authority, and simultaneously, use the company page to promote and grow your business.

Start by learning from those who are a standard of excellence

An effective strategy to better understand what LinkedIn is and how it works is to analyze how people and companies you look up to use this tool to boost their business.

Find the profiles of digital entrepreneurs that inspire you and see how they use LinkedIn to come up with good ideas. Also, keep an eye on sales strategies they use for products, and try to evaluate which of them achieved the best results.

Besides, you can also follow Hotmart’s page on LinkedIn – if you still don’t, here it is.

We use our articles to build a stronger brand every day, and we also provide excellent tips for those who want to become a better digital entrepreneur. We take care of our space, and we are sure our page is a great reference for you.

Expand your contact network

Another important point for your marketing strategies on LinkedIn to work is to expand your contact network. These are the people who will follow your business and the material you create, helping your digital business grow.

However, don’t overdo it: only add people you know and make sure you send them a message first. Here, you will find people from companies you have worked for in the past, friends from university, contacts made in courses and live events, and, of course, your best clients.

You can also make an effort to improve the quality of your network, building a relationship with people that can help grow your business. Affiliates and Producers you admire, for instance, may also be on LinkedIn – follow their stories and articles closely, and if you feel like you have something to add, make new friendships with people who will help your development.

But always remember our tip: never add anyone without at least introducing yourself first.

Another major advantage from LinkedIn can be found in the groups, which are spaces with similar interests discuss topics. You can look for groups in your market niche and also for topics that bear a relation to your business and have a positive impact. In these groups, you can build strong relationships, expand your contact network and keep up with the latest trends.

Quality content: the secret to Marketing on LinkedIn

We have mentioned this many times on the blog: offering quality content to your followers makes all the difference to your digital business and also goes a long way in building your authority.

And nowhere is this more evident than on LinkedIn.

After all, people are on this network to make business contacts and offering quality content, that is relevant to their professional and personal lives, makes your business stand out.

That’s why you should always invest in creating quality content that arouses the interest of people and add value to them. Besides sharing external links, creating articles on LinkedIn itself is an excellent option to build your authority and help your business to gain more visibility.

Moreover, you can also curate content and share the most interesting articles you have come across in different websites or blogs. If you read a piece of news or a thought-provoking article, just like our posts here on the blog, share it with your friends and followers on LinkedIn.

Lastly, a golden tip for Producers and Affiliates: avoid advertising too much whenever you are promoting a product. In social media, the ideal thing is to share quality material, with only an offer here and there.

Content quality converts, and no-one likes following people who are always trying to sell something, without adding any value. And on LinkedIn, this is extremely important.

Make the most of all the resources LinkedIn provides

When the times to come up with your marketing strategies on LinkedIn, try to use all the resources this tool has to offer.

In your profile, for example, you can add presentations with information about the product you are promoting and with tips that can have a positive impact on people’s lives. You can also post information on the products you are promoting, highlighting materials that can make a difference in your business. This way, whoever is visiting your profile will be able to see this content easily.

And don’t forget a very important thing: your contact information.

After all, you have made a lot of effort for the person to find you and your business. Can you imagine if this person gets to your profile but can’t find a way to talk to you? Therefore, always make your contact information, such as website address and email, visible and easy to find to your visitors.

If it is possible, you should also invest in LinkedIn Premium. The paid version of the network allows you to have access to exclusive tools, such as InMails – a tool that allows you to send messages to people who are not in your list of contacts.

Another benefit from the Premium account is the possibility of viewing, with more details, who were the people who visited your profile and have access to complete reports on these accesses.

Ads on LinkedIn: new possibilities to make your business grow

Besides valuing people who create quality content, LinkedIn is also an excellent tool for those who want to invest in ads. Although they are a bit more expensive than ads on Facebook, for instance, ads on LinkedIn have a major advantage: you can create a much better segmentation to reach a more qualified audience.

There are two different kinds of ads for those who want to advertise on LinkedIn.

The first one is sponsored content. With this kind of ad, you can give more visibility to content create by you and your business. Investing in this kind of ad is excellent for those who are building authority and want to increase brand awareness.

You can also create more traditional ads with text and image. Usually, these ads show up on the side bars of the platform, and are an excellent option for direct adverts to the buyers.

If you have courses on professional and personal development, for example, you can use this kind of ad to talk to an audience that is extremely interested.

Another idea is to use ads on LinkedIn to promote bonuses, such as webinars or ebooks with exclusive content. There are many possibilities, and it all depends on the strategy that better suits you and your business.

Make the most of what LinkedIn has to offer and make your business soar.  

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