Day 2 of ON FIRE! Check out the highlights from Oct 20

ON FIRE 2021 keeps on delivering the best digital content from the top players in the market! Participants are enjoying exclusive and inspirational content. On day 2, we had even more insights for those who are just starting out as entrepreneurs or have been on this road for a long time. And best of all, […]

On Fire

ON FIRE 2021 keeps on delivering the best digital content from the top players in the market! Participants are enjoying exclusive and inspirational content.

On day 2, we had even more insights for those who are just starting out as entrepreneurs or have been on this road for a long time. And best of all, we still have one more day of programming ahead of us!

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If you missed the first two days of the event, don’t worry. In this post, you’ll find all the event highlights.

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If we piqued your curiosity, keep reading and check out everything that happened on Day 2 of ON FIRE 2021!

Inspiring Stage

As you may already know, ON FIRE is divided into four stages. This way, it’s possible to make the experience even more immersive and rich. The Inspiring Stage serves as a veritable hub connecting all the stages, a view of the entire event. 

On Day 2, top leaders from Hotmart and other global companies presented the challenges of being in charge of big projects in challenging – but also promising – times.

Some of the highlights were: 

Victor Damasio – Expert in Digital Entrepreneurship and Relationship Marketing; Luísa Ferreira – Founder of Chata de Galocha; Fábio Ricotta – Founder of Agência Mestre; Denis Botana – Creator of the Bola Presa podcast; Elisa Fingerman – CEO and Launch Expert at Francês Ativo; Vivian Miranda – Astrophysicist with a PhD from the University of Chicago; Gisele Hedler -Themed Launches to Transform Dense Content Into Entertainment; Paula Grinover – Head of Content at NonStop; and Juliano Torriani – CEO at Torriani Internet & Marketing 

Incredible Stage

Incredible Stage brings together the biggest names in the market, who provide, through their stories, the best insights for those who wish to become entrepreneurs and scale their business. Let’s check out what happened, shall we?

For starters, we were introduced to the keys to successfully scaling a business, presented by Andres Moreno. During his talk, we also learned a little more about the concepts of competitive edge, business model, sales funnel, and the key metrics to be monitored.

Afterward, Inspiring Stage received Alê Garcia, Branca Vianna, and Beatriz Fiorotto. The main topic was podcasting, which has been gaining attention and a lot of audience over the last year. For the hosts, podcasts aren’t a passing fad, but it’s necessary to understand what the audience needs and how to sell products.

As Alê Garcia pointed out, the most important thing is to “do it with a lot of passion and not hesitate and think that ‘it’s already been talked about”. Besides love, it’s possible to present new authentic perspectives.

The third talk of the day was given by Vivian Miranda. With an inspirational story, the speaker showed us how the biggest transition in her life led her to NASA! Vivian is a trans woman who has always been passionate about astrophysics.

Through a NASA program that funds scientists to develop projects, the speaker realized her dream of reaching out to the company – and understanding the universe better – and of being welcomed with her true identity.

We then moved on to Thiago Nigro, who is known for the “The Rich Cousin” project. His words helped us understand a little more about the importance of measuring the product’s NPS and how to conduct challenge launches that engage the base.

“We need to work on several triggers, but the most important one for me is the reciprocity trigger”, says the speaker while explaining the main sales strategies.

And there’s more! Priscilla Zillo, Elisa Fingermann, Rafaella Brasileiro and Ana Florença Gutierrez brought extremely important reflections about women in the digital market. As they are all CEOs of their respective companies, we were able to check out a well-founded talk about the topic.

Finally, closing the Incredible Stage, it was Paula Grinover’s turn to talk about YouTube and the (non-)recipe for success. One of her quotes explains how to start investing on the channel: “For a channel to work well, you need to work with the following concepts: truth, consistency, simplicity, closeness, and collaboration”.

As implied by the talk’s title, there’s no magic formula to be a hit on the platform. For Paula, the important thing is to understand the problem people want to analyze and what you wish to communicate.

Intense Stage

It’s time to show you the best of what happened on the Intense Stage. On this stage, which received digital producers and creators of all sizes, nationalities, and niches, we had a day filled with names that are benchmarks in their fields.

The main topics were sales and how to take your digital product to a new level. Check out the names of the speakers and what they taught.

Hideki Ikeda, who is a Japanese descendent, talked about The Power of Wa (Harmony): Summit Launch in Japan. Ikeda is an Official Launch Formula Instructor in Japan and is renowned internationally.

We then moved on to Diego Ishida. The speaker, who also has Japanese origins, told participants how he was able to increase, by 5 times, the launch sales of his clients in Japan.

Besides presenting a checklist and a timeline presenting his story, the talk was also an inspirational moment. “Having the courage to be where you need to be. That’s what helped me get here and have the company I own today. Facing opportunities,” Ishida said.

Thami Kabbaj came immediately afterwards and said something that impressed everyone: the most important thing for a business is organic traffic, not paid ads. In her talk, she talked a little more about the importance of thinking about the audience and organic content.

Everyone goes through three steps on the road to success: the desire for something we don’t have yet, the decision to go after it, and the commitment and dedication to achieve the expected result. These were the main points of the lecture given by Susane Torres.

After all, motivation is what your business needs in order to reach new levels. As Susane pointed out, it’s necessary to think big. “In other words, big work, big dedication, big time, big enthusiasm, and big motivation.”

Kale Anders is seen as a true visionary for generating more than $20 million in Latin America in less than a year. He talked a little about how he got to this point during day 2 of ON FIRE.

Closing the day on the Intense Stage, we received Tathi Deândhela covering the 5 foolproof strategies of the greatest communicators to be used in livestreams.

Instructive Stage

The Instructive Stage, by Hotmart Camp, has the main proposal of bringing the greatest Hotmart experts to talk about sales and digital products. And best of all, in an interactive and LIVE manner. Read the summary of day 2 below:

Vitor Campolina and Matheus Tavares showed the main challenges of how to start a paid traffic strategy investing the necessary amount. In other words, without wasting money.

We all know how important it is to think about the content to be posted on social media, because when it’s assertive, it brings huge results. That’s exactly what the experts Ana Clara Gregory and Paula Zanella talked about during their instructive talk “The step-by-step guide to creating powerful content and selling on social media”.

Carol Picoli and Vitor Campolina demonstrated the step-by-step process of creating a sales page with over 80% conversion without spending a dime. Finally, Paula Zanella and Dani Bianchin presented the step-by-step process on how to create a fully automated email strategy.

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