It’s started! Check out what happened on the first day of ON FIRE!

Did you miss day 1 of ON FIRE? Well then, check out a summary of what happened at the event!


The wait is over! ON FIRE, the online event unlike anything you’ve ever seen, has started. Participants watched lectures and talks packed with inspiring and educational content.

With 10 years of experience in the entrepreneurship, innovation, and education markets, Hotmart understands the needs of those who wish to be entrepreneurs. With this in mind, the first edition of ON FIRE brings together big names and brands to share valuable insights and tips with participants.

If you missed the first day of the event, or haven’t bought your ticket yet, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll sum up the main ON FIRE attractions!

Make sure you watch the best moments of ON FIRE in the video we published on our YouTube channel:

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Inspiring Stage

In order to offer a unique experience and content that is truly relevant, ON FIRE has been divided into four distinct and simultaneous stages!

The Inspiring Stage is a hub to connect all the other stages. Here, the audience can see what’s happening on the other stages, as well as very special live guests.

On the first day, participants watched a conversation about the digital market, innovation, and trends for the coming years with Pedro Sobral, Erico Rocha, Gabi Salles, and Diego Ishida.

Incredible Stage

If you’re looking for cases of success and unique stories, the Incredible Stage is the place for you. It brings together top names and brands that are references in their fields.

The first day included a varied program with talks about the world of urban art, the relationship between gardening and human relations, launching strategies, and solutions to quickly scale up businesses.

To kick off the program on the stage, we invited artist Davi De Melo Santos and CURA (Circuito de Arte Urbana – Urban Art Circuit) curator, Janaína Macruz, to chat with Hotmart’s manager of Communications and Social Responsibility, Mariana Rosa, about urban art trends, the partnership between CURA and Hotmart, and the intersections between entrepreneurship and the work of artists.

Another Incredible Stage highlight was the presence of Erico Rocha, an entrepreneur and one of the greatest authorities on digital launches in Brazil. He shared a few strategies he has used in his business to scale revenues with launches.

According to Erico Rocha, the asset that consumers value the most isn’t a big name associated with campaigns and ads. What they seek are results and transformations. And this value proposition should be the focus of every entrepreneur.

To end the Incredible Stage’s first day, the audience learned a little about all the solutions that make Hotmart an all-in-one platform.

Andrezza Buldrini, Regional Manager for Latin America; Anderson Gomes, Product Design Team Manager; Aline Fantoni, Product Manager; and Bruno Andrade, Competitive Intelligence Lead, presented some of the integrated solutions that Hotmart offers, such as Hotmart Sparkle, Payment System, Hotmart Extensions, among others.

Intense Stage

On the Intense Stage, participants watched digital creators from around the world share strategies, secrets, and the behind-the-scenes of their successful products.

The first day included presentations with the best tips for launching, creating impactful ads on social media, and for stimulating audience engagement.

Pedro Sobral, one of the biggest experts in paid traffic in Brazil, shared the concept of “mental drawers” and how they can help in planning an ad campaign. For him, it’s important to know what the ad’s goals are, and to set aside the amount of money necessary for the campaign to be successful.

For those who are thinking about creating successful launches, digital marketing expert José Vinagre gave the strategic tip of using communication tools, such as Telegram and WhatsApp, following the successful actions of other entrepreneurs for inspiration, and staying up to date with what’s new in the digital market.

Instructive Stage

Meanwhile, the Instructive Stage featured leading Hotmart experts in a special edition of Hotmart CAMP to teach viewers how to create and scale digital product sales.

Among the topics discussed throughout the day were the creation of personas, with Carol Picoli, Marketing Coordinator at Hotmart; and Ana Clara Gregory, Marketing Analyst. The audience was able to learn everything from the concept of buyer personas to practical examples on how to build one for a digital business.

And that wasn’t all. Those who have plans to start a business in the digital product market, were given a step-by-step guide on how to put an idea into practice with tips from Marketing Analysts Daniela Bianchin and Vitor Campolina.

Since advertising is the soul of a business, the audience also learned the key secrets for creating impactful copy. Marketing analysts Paula Zanella and Ana Clara Gregory presented 7 steps for writing copy, as well as the most recommended mental triggers for those who wish to create irresistible offers.

And, to end the first day of Hotmart CAMP, Carol Picoli and Dani Bianchin provided ON FIRE attendees with key tips for creating a sales funnel and how this strategy helps with recurring sales and billing. 

You can still participate in ON FIRE!

This was just a quick summary of what happened on the first day of ON FIRE. We had over 15 talks with exclusive content filled with valuable insights.

But it’s not over. Until October 21, you have the chance to participate in this unique immersive experience and closely follow the tips and strategies of top players in the market.

So don’t waste any time and claim your spot now. Just tap the button below and sign up! See you at ON FIRE!

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