3 reasons why you should sign up for the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS

The second edition of Hotmart MASTERS, an online and free global even is coming soon. Check out 3 reasons why you should sign up now!

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Would you like to learn more about entrepreneurship, education, and business from some of the world’s leading experts? Okay then, the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS was made for you!

During five days, between October 19 and 23, you can check out exclusive lectures with great names in the national and international market, designed to help those who wish to create a new business or, for those who already have, boost their results.

The digital entrepreneurship and online education universe keeps growing and more and more people are thinking about investing in both of these niches. But have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others aren’t?

In order to create a successful digital business, it’s very important that you know the market, understand the main tools and advertising and sales strategies.

There are several ways to learn about the market, including here at Hotmart, such as blog articles, YouTube videos, educational materials and live classes.

And, since there’s no such thing as too much knowledge, Hotmart decided to create Hotmart MASTERS, a 100% free online global event, which is now in its second edition.

Would you like to know more about Hotmart MASTERS, the speakers, and check out 3 reasons why you should save your spot? Well, keep reading all the way to the end of this article!

What is Hotmart MASTERS?

Hotmart MASTERS is a Hotmart global event that is 100% online, created so that digital market experts can share and teach the best techniques and trends.

The idea is to bring important names in the entrepreneurship and educational fields to share enriching content that will help bring expressive and long-lasting results.

After all, if there’s one thing we believe in at Hotmart, it’s in the impact of sharing ideas, teaching and always learning something new.

By gathering the industry’s leading experts in a single event, we want to help not only those who are thinking about creating their own business, but also those who are already online entrepreneurs and wish to scale their results.

In March of this year, we held the event’s first edition, which was a hit – five days of exclusive content, with 25 guests from several countries, and thousands of participants.

And now, we’re hosting the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS, with even more relevant content and amazing guests!

Who are the event’s speakers?

One of Hotmart MASTERS’ greatest features is the fact that it’s a global event. This means that you can check out speakers from different countries, such as The UK, The US, Brazil Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and many others.

Why is that such a great opportunity? Because it’s a rare chance for you to get a new perspective on online businesses and strategies. Odds are you may even change your plans after watching these talks. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

Check out the names of those who have already confirmed their presence at the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS, in alphabetical order:

  • Alexandre Ottoni and Deive Pazos (Young Nerd): Founders of Young Nerd, one of the hottest podcasts in Brazil
  • Bruno Capanema: CEO of one of the largest multinational info-product groups
  • Carla Salinas: Marketing Analyst at Hotmart Mexico
  • Carlúcio Vieira: Copywriter & Community Analyst, Hotmart
  • Carolina Picoli: Marketing Coordinator at Hotmart
  • Chris Ducker: Serial entrepreneur and bestselling author of “Virtual Freedom” and “Rise of the Youpreneur”
  • Débora Garofalo: Teacher, finalist of the 2019 Global Teacher Award and Manager of Technologies of the Department of Education
  • Ellen Salomão: Founder and CEO of Agência Vê, with over USD 1 million in launch sales
  • Emicida: Rapper, entrepreneur who founded the company Ghost Lab and author
  • Erico Rocha: Expert of Launch Formula and creator of one of YouTube’s largest entrepreneurship channel
  • Euge Oller: Founder of Emprende Aprendiendo, Flashlibros and Helix Group partner
  • Felipe Godoy: Growth Marketing Manager at Pinterest
  • Ícaro de Carvalho: Copywriter, digital strategist, CEO, and founder of The New Market digital business school
  • João Pedro Resende: Hotmart co-founder and CEO
  • José Vinagre: Growth Hacker for Info-products and Launches
  • Juliana Algañaraz: Endemol Shine – Brazil CEO
  • Laís Souza: Former Olympic gymnastics and freestyle skiing athlete
  • Leila Ferreira: Journalist and author
  • Lina Volpini: Sebrae Minas Innovation and Competitiveness Manager
  • Luiz Felipe Pondé: Author, Professor and columnist at Folha de São Paulo
  • Marco Antonio Regil: Creator of the “Achieve your dreams” method
  • Mario Sergio Cortella: Philosopher, author and Education expert
  • Marta Silva: World-renowned soccer player and UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador
  • Padre Fábio de Melo: Catholic priest, author and teacher
  • Pau Gasol: Two-time NBA champion and President of the Gasol Foundation
  • Pedro Ascar: Marketing Analyst for Latin America at Hotmart
  • Pedro Sobral: Paid traffic expert and founder of Sobral Mídias
  • Peter Tabichi: Teacher, winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Award, the Nobel of Education.
  • Roberto Gamboa: Director of the Online Traffic Institute (ITO)​
  • Rocío Baselga: Customer Success Manager at Hotmart Spain
  • Ryan Deiss: CEO of the Scalable Company and Digital Marketer
  • Sandro Dias “Mineirinho”: Red Bull athlete, entrepreneur, and six-time world skateboarding champion
  • Sergio Peinado: CEO and founder of Fuertafit
  • Simon Sinek: Bestselling author and enthusiast
  • Vinícius Vaz: CEO at Eugência Hipodérmica

We’ll have five days of lectures, you can check out the schedule here, full of content prepared with great care by major market experts!

3 reasons why you should sign up for Hotmart MASTERS

If you’re still not convinced that Hotmart MASTERS is the perfect event for you, check out the three reasons that’ll change your mind.

1. 100% online and free

Have you ever come across an amazing event on the internet, with great content and absolutely everything you needed to learn, only to find out that, in order to access the content, you’d have to pay a lot of money?

Well, forget it!

Hotmart MASTERS is completely free and you don’t pay anything to have access to the tips and teachings from the biggest names in the national and international markets.

And, because it’s 100% online, you can watch from anywhere you want, without the need to go to the event venue. This makes it even more convenient.

2. Amazing and exclusive content

Hotmart has invited the biggest experts in the education, entrepreneurship and digital marketing markets to share their strategies, tips and success cases with you.

And, since it’s our intention that you take full advantage of the five days of Hotmart MASTERS, we have prepared exclusive content and lectures, with teachings that you cannot find anywhere else.

3. Lectures on entrepreneurship, education, marketing and success stories

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about starting an online store, wish to become a digital influencer, study more about digital marketing, or if you’re an educator.

At the Hotmart MASTERS, you’ll find content about the most diverse topics, including the future of education, how to overcome adversities, the creation of communities, and the launching of digital products.

Our goal is to share knowledge and help you boost your business and keep learning more.

Save your spot at the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS now

See how many reasons there are for you to participate in the new Hotmart MASTERS edition?

Between October 19 and 23, you can participate in a global, online and 100% free event, with exclusive talks.

Sign up for free by clicking on the button below and save your spot now!

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