Find out the best solutions to manage your Affiliates

Learn how to manage your Affiliate Program to make your products even more appealing on the digital marketplace

Counting on a network of folks to help you promote your product would be a great strategy to sell more, wouldn’t it? This is precisely the idea behind Hotmart’s Affiliate Program: to help your business grow even more on the digital marketplace in exchange for commissions for those who sell for you. 

Fully understanding that an Affiliate can be a big help to your business means that you’ll see the importance of offering them all of the necessary support to help with your sales. 

If you’re already signed up with the program, or thinking about starting now, this is the right post for you to get to know our platform’s best solutions to manage your Affiliates. So, let’s go?   

Before anything else, understand Affiliate profiles 

Saying that Affiliates are folks who help you promote your product can be a bit vague in the enormous digital world of possibilities. That’s why you must know what the primary types of Affiliate profiles look like and how they each work within the market.   

1 – Authority Affiliate: This is the profile of an expert on a particular topic and who has the authority to recommend products of interest to people who follow them within the determined niche. 

2 – Referee Affiliate: focused on conversion strategies, this profile works directly with ads and campaigns to direct all of their audience to buy the products they are promoting. 

3 – Reseller Affiliate: this is the profile specialized in selling to the folks around them, contacts, or even via recommendation. Maybe they don’t sell a lot, but they are excellent at knowing what products to recommend to their audience.

Set your rules 

Hotmart’s Affiliate Program lets you choose which affiliation strategy works best for your products. On the platform, you have two options when setting up the program and allowing others to promote your products.

The first option is 1-click Affiliation. In other words, any user registered on the Hotmart platform can affiliate and promote your product. 

The second is affiliation by approval, where you’ll need to approve or decline each potential Affiliate who requests to be a part of your program.

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Let technology do the work for you

In this digital work, you can’t leave out the option of letting technology do the leg work. That’s precisely why Hotmart is continuously evolving things to make your digital business more practical. 

To make your work easier when the Affiliation by Approval option is enabled, it’s now possible to automate your approval process according to the rules you choose. This way, you have extra time to focus on other important things, but can still increase your chances of selling with more folks out there promoting your products.  

You can choose which badge levels the Affiliate must have in order to get your approval and then let Hotmart do the rest. In other words, if a user requests affiliation with your product and meets all of your predefined criteria, they will automatically be approved and can start promoting your products.    

Communicate with your Affiliates

Another critical point that is going to help you manage your Affiliate Program is to communicate with the users promoting your products. 

On the Hotmart platform, you can send IMs to specific Affiliates or even to defined profiles that you’ve chosen.   

This is an excellent tool for you to keep a close relationship with those promoting your products. You can even use it as yet another space to come up with personalized strategies for your Affiliates.  

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Now that you know all about how to manage your Affiliates Program, it’s time to turn your knowledge into practice and increase your chances of selling your product more. 

Happy selling! : ) 

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