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Digital Marketing

6 practical tips to make your digital agency successful

Do you already own or wish to open an advertising agency? Learn how to stand out!


01/04/2019 | By Hotmart

Creating a digital agency is a highly sought after business idea for those who wish to work on their own, especially because this is an easily accessible market.

Still, it is hard to remain active in this market because owning a digital agency isn’t quite enough. You need to not only show good results but also stand out from your competitors, which can be plenty.

In this sense, making the agency successful is one of the major obstacles that challenge entrepreneurs who wish to work in this area.

If you are fairly knowledgeable about digital marketing and want to create your own agency, but still haven’t done so out of fear of not achieving your goals, stay tuned.

In this article, we’ll present 6 tips to help you be successful with your digital agency. Check it out:

1. Do your own digital marketing

Originality in marketing strategies is an important quality an agency needs to have, especially because, on the internet, anyone can offer this type of service.

With the interest in the digital market increasing, a lot of people are looking for ways to specialize, and marketing courses are highly sought after.

The tools and strategies might be the same, but in order to have a successful agency, it is essential to have originality in what you are going to suggest, because this is what will attract new clients.

And when we are talking about digital business, standing out, in addition to maintaining and attracting new clients, is crucial so that it can operate well and grow.

Exposing the previous jobs you’ve done for other companies or using marketing itself that you create to advertise your business, are interesting ways to start attracting the attention of potential clients.

In addition to advertising your own business so that people can get to know you, it’s also possible to show that the service you’re offering is truly efficient.

2. Seek financial stability

Financial stability is key in order to keep the company operating and achieving success for the agency.

The main idea of this type of business is to get recurring clients, in other words, clients that hire your services for several months or even years.

So, securing long-term contracts will help you forecast profits and help you be prepared for possible unexpected expenses. Of course, you can and should provide service to those who consult you regarding specific jobs.

They help maintain the turnover of services and especially, money. But make sure you seek for and invest time in recurring jobs.

Also, make sure you project your agency’s possible expenses beforehand and always keep in mind those fixed amounts, such as rent, hired professionals, paid tools you use, in addition to utilities.

And if you are thinking about quitting your current job to start to start your own business, don’t forget to prepare in advance. This way, you avoid a few possible scares such as lack of money during the first few months of your business.

3. Have defined processes

In order to make the agency successful, it is essential to organize the company’s processes.

Employees should know what their jobs are and all of them must be directly related to each one’s specialty. Thus, you make sure that people enjoy what they are doing, which contributes to production efficiency.

A digital agency needs to be dynamic and make sure that its multiple clients have all hired marketing actions up to date. This can only happen when there is a trained team to follow your company’s standard processes.

In addition to helping produce all the necessary pieces in a standardized and periodic manner, their time is much better used. That way,  delays will rarely occur and mistakes can be minimized throughout the clients’ contracts.

We can mention two efficient organization methods: Scrum and Kanban. They help organize processes and define them correctly, which collaborates with the systematization of what should be done in your agency.

4. Invest in people management

Remember that your team is made up of real people, in other words, their feelings and how they are living completely affects their organization and their work.

Therefore, investing in good people management means maintaining the quality of production and consequently, improving the company as a whole.

Achieving good results in easy for those who work in a good mood and feel good in the workplace.

You can invest in people management in several ways:

  • Increase well-being in the workplace;
  • Improve conversations and meetings;
  • Psychologists ready to work with your staff;
  • Well-structured positive and negative feedback and so on.

Always make time to talk to those who work for you. By holding meetings where everyone is heard, you show people that you care about them and that everyone is a key part of your agency.

5. Work with the right tools

There’s no point in holding all the aces if you don’t have the right tools in your digital agency.

There are several tools that help in data analysis and that are important in an agency. But there’s no point in paying to use them if you don’t know how to analyze what they are showing you.

Tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, MailChimp (for email marketing) and many others serve to reduce unnecessary work that can be automated.

So think about what you’ll offer your clients and select the resources to help you deliver full service with analysis and quality.

6. Focus on results

You should know from the get-go where you want to go with your agency. By doing so, you can focus on achieving these results.

But don’t think that this only means achieving a profit. You also need to focus on the results that were expected and the ones which were delivered to those who hired your agency.

There’s no point in signing a contract with someone and not provide great quality service. In addition to not fulfilling what was agreed, people won’t recommend your services or, even worse, badmouth what you do.

Start your own agency

The path to owning a successful digital agency isn’t always easy.

Just like any other business, there are several obstacles to be overcome, and standing out in a competitive market is the main one, but don’t let this discourage you.

If you are an internet and online market expert, offering your marketing services is a good idea, not only to get a chance to start your own business but also to start getting recognized.

Therefore, even before you start suggesting actions for other companies, think about what you need to stand out first and use your suggestions in your own agency.