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8 types of digital products you can create

You want to become a digital entrepreneur, but are not sure what kind of product you can offer? Read on to learn about 8 different types of digital products you can create to start your digital business.

Learn about 8 different types of digital products you can create to start your online business!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, digital products are nothing more than materials that provide information and are created and distributed in digital format. In other words, a digital product provides information in order to educate, solve a problem or make your life easier in any way on that given subject.

This information might be related to a broad range of the most varied topics, as: how to play a given musical instrument, how to use a software, how to prepare good fishing baits, how to prepare to study abroad, how to train your dog, how to edit videos, how to better plan your finances, and as many other topics as you can imagine.

One of the main advantages of creating digital products and selling them online is that profits become scalable, once sales opportunities are exponentially bigger than physical courses.

According to the niche, you decide to work in all that is left to decide is the format that pleases you the most and, of course, pleases the audience that you are targeting. If this topic has raised your curiosity keep reading and get to know 8 types of digital products that make the most success in the digital world.


Ebooks or Digital Books are popular products because they are the simplest to create, distribute and be consumed by your clients. With a word processing software such as Word or Writer from LibreOffice, which is free, you can easily write your ebook and save it in PDF format or ePub, the most common formats to commercialize this kind of content.

Advantages in choosing the ebook as your digital product:

  • Instant delivery to the client: there will be no headaches to send your product to the consumer. It is possible to automate the file delivery and the client himself will download the ebook.
  • The client can access the material on any gadget compatible to the file, which makes studying it easier.
  • Once the ebook has been saved on the mobile or computer, the Internet is not necessary to access it.

Ebooks are the ideal format to simpler contents that are easy to assimilate and do not require visual demonstration.

Video lessons

Videos are always a success, especially if it involves people. A very simple way to create a product in the format of video lectures is to prepare a friendly environment to teach the proposed topic.

Nowadays, some mobiles have great image capture and if you have a good device, you can start your video lessons this way. Besides, in order to have acceptable video quality, it is necessary to research a little about lighting and to make sure the audio is delivered clearly, free of noise.

Invest in a lapel microphone or a directional one so your audio is clear. If you don’t do well in front of cameras, you can invite an expert to talk about the subject. You can also produce your videos in an interview format and make the recording part of your digital product.

Video lessons are ideal for materials that need some demonstration, such as cooking lessons. Learning is much easier when students have visual examples of what to do in each step.


We’ve already had a specific post here at Hotmart Blog, but it is worth to point out this media here again. Screencasts are the fastest and easiest way to create a video. For those of you who don’t know it, screencasts are videos filmed from the computer screen. They are perfect for courses on how to use a software or a website.


Audiobooks are books narrated and compacted (usually) in MP3 format. Once you already have the content, audiobooks are quite easy to produce, you just need to have a quality microphone and a place isolated from external noise. The advantage of audiobooks is that people can put them into their iPod, smartphone or any other audio player and listen to your message as they do something else. Depending on the type of audience, this is a very effective media.


Podcasts are audio recordings that usually simulate radio programs. Normally its content is based on interviews or discussions among a small group of people. They can be recorded in conferences via the Internet, using Skype, for example, and, just like audiobooks, they have the advantage of being consumed using players such as iPod and smartphones, while the listener does something else.

Members Programs

The Member Areas, Member Programs or just Memberships are websites with private content, restricted to authorized members only, who usually pay for a subscription to obtain this exclusive access. This subscription entitles the member to access the website content for some months. This kind of product is ideal for Private Clubs and Online Coaching programs. You can use this channel for text, audio or video formats. In the case of courses, it is possible to release modules with the frequency you desire. To create a member area to your course/product, learn more about Hotmart Club.


E-magazines, or just ezines, are electronic magazines. They can be produced in PDF format or also in the format of private content. The main characteristic is that e-magazines have a definite frequency, just like printed magazines, which guarantees that the client can acquire or access a new edition of the magazine every week, 15 days, month, etc. This format is becoming more and more popular, especially now, since the arrival of tablets.


Kits are a set of products of different kinds. They can mix ebooks with video lectures and screencasts. Since all the files are in digital format, everything can be delivered via the Internet and, this way, the consumer can benefit from the content in different kinds of media. There are contents which are better adequate in video format, others are better in audio or text document. Understanding which is the best format for each content is an excellent way to improve the quality and sales capacity of your product, putting together a kit.


Creating digital products is hard work because it involves researching, planning and, of course, the development of the digital product itself. However, even though it is hard work, normally it isn’t a complex job.

You can wrap your digital content into various different formats and, this way, create different types of digital products.

Do you have any knowledge you can share with other people? Do people usually come to you for advice on some subject? If you have anything to teach, anything that can solve problems or make people’s lives easier, why not transform this knowledge into a digital product?

Now you know some of the most successful digital products! If you liked our post, click on “I want to learn more” and subscribe to get more information about the market of digital entrepreneurship.

Good luck with your business!