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How to win over unconditional fans for your brand with corporate marketing

Check out our tips to make your brand popular in your market!

Ana Codeglia

03/08/2019 | By Ana Codeglia

What will we see in this post

Marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of any company, either to get new customers or to build customer loyalty.

Within this universe, there are different concepts to be explored, such as digital marketing, relationship marketing, content marketing, and so forth.

In this post, we’re going to focus on corporate marketing and explain how it can be applied to your business. Shall we get started?

What is corporate marketing?

Corporate marketing, as opposed to what some may think, isn’t all about the exhaustive promotion of a company’s products or services.

In fact, this type of strategy mainly focuses on building a strong brand image and strengthening your relationship with customers.

This marketing concept has the main purpose of keeping your customers satisfied, loyal to your product and to turn them into fans of your brand.

All this is done by highlighting your company’s unique and strong characteristics.

Companies such as Apple, Disney, Redbull, and Starbucks managed to achieve a legion of fans by creating unique concepts. They stand out in the market thanks to the strength of their brands,  which are known and recognized worldwide.

When we talk about an iPhone for example, we immediately think of a product of the highest quality, right?

Even if we don’t know exactly what the settings of the device are, we know that Apple represents a high standard in the market. Just think about those huge queues that are formed whenever the company launches a new smartphone model!

When we think about Starbucks, on the other hand, not only does the taste of its different types of coffee come to mind, but especially the lifestyle of their frequent customers.

Corporate marketing serves precisely to promote not only what consumers will purchase, but especially the company behind the product and what it represents.

How to carry out good corporate marketing

Now, let’s get to the practical tips so that your company can be admired and become popular in your market!

Always focus on your customers’ needs

One of the most important factors in corporate marketing is focusing on the needs of customers and potential buyers. To do so, you must know exactly to whom you are talking.

Having a well-defined persona and placing it at the center of all of your strategies is critical to delivering exactly what your consumer wants, and especially, communicating with them in an effective manner.

Moreover, you can also send satisfaction surveys to those who have made purchases and evaluate their experience to improve everything possible.

Think of ways to stand out from your competitors

What makes a company be remembered and cherished is what only it can offer, such as an exclusive product, a specific way of communicating or a unique design, for instance.

If you are just another brand in your market niche, nothing will make customers see you as distinctive.

So, always think of ways to stand out from your competitors. Follow their strategies closely and evaluate how you can do it even better.

A good tip is to consider your persona, as we mentioned in the previous topic.

If you sell an online course about makeup, for example, and know that most of your audience doesn’t have enough income to purchase expensive products, create video classes using more affordable items than your competitors do.

There are countless possibilities to do this and it will all depend a lot on the market in which you operate and on your business’ persona.

The most important thing is to use creativity and of course, be different!

Link your brand to a lifestyle

Lots of people buy items from certain brands not only because of the advantages of the product itself, but especially because of the lifestyle to which the company is associated with

Have you seen those commercials of a pickup truck with a man driving along a muddy road, maneuvering while hard rock music plays in the background?

Well, in this case, they aren’t only selling the car, but also an adventurous and exciting lifestyle.

In the same way, everyone has seen a perfume commercial where a woman dressed in a glamorous gown seduces an attractive man.

In this case, they are selling, in addition to the perfume, a luxurious lifestyle full of sensuality.

In short, linking your brand to a lifestyle helps engage customers and will help you stand out from your competitors.

Develop a unique language

The way you communicate with your customers makes all the difference when standing out in the market and it must be standardized (and have your own style!).

For a concrete example, think about Netflix: it has established a very informal language and talks to its audience on social media as if it were a close friend of its followers. Think about the language you use and about making your customers feel heard. Empathy is nothing short of fundamental.

In addition, the brand also uses humor a lot in its posts and in its replies to comments, always with a lot of creativity and using internet jargon, such as in this post:

Example of a Netflix post on itsTwitter account.

Example of a Netflix post on itsTwitter account.

And also in this comment section:

Example of Netflix’s interaction with its fans.

Example of Netflix’s interaction with its fans.

Provide excellent customer service

This tip is quite obvious, but we must reinforce the importance of good customer service, right?

Corporate marketing is based on always putting customers first. However, besides considering their needs and always offering the best service, you must also provide all the necessary support before, during and after their purchase.

Here in the blog, we’ve given several tips on how to offer a top-notch service, such as replying quickly, being nice, fulfilling what is promised and having a good platform.

Offer free materials or content

Offering free materials that help solve your persona’s pain is one strategy that contributes to your corporate marketing in various forms:

  • You become established as a reference and authority in your market niche.
  • Your client or potential customer starts building more trust in your brand.
  • You can obtain the data from interested people and nurture leads.

If your company offers an English course, for example, you can make free aBooks related to this universe available on your site, such as a complete guide to English for tourism or a booklet with tips about this subject for students who will take their SATs.

This strategy is easy to implement and it will certainly strengthen your brand’s value.

How can marketing mix help you?

When we talk about corporate marketing, many people link this concept to the four pillars of marketing, also known as marketing mix.

In fact, these two strategies complement each other; since they have the goal of interlacing all actions related to the company’s marketing in a solid and consistent manner.

Therefore, in order to succeed on your journey and be recognized in your market niche, you must take into account the “4 Ps”:

  • Product: Keep in mind the value it adds to the customer and what makes it special.
  • Price: Make sure that the price of your product is reasonable, neither too low nor too high.
  • Place: Define the distribution and promotion channels of your brand and focus on where your persona is.
  • Promotion: Establish the actions to be carried out and the formats used to promote your brand well.

5 online channels to strengthen your corporate marketing

Now that you’ve understood what corporate marketing is and what you can do to strengthen your brand and stand out in the market, we’ll talk about the 5 online channels that you cannot ignore in your strategy:

Social Media

Company reach and relationships with customers have never been as close as it is now.

If communication used to be mostly unilateral, nowadays it’s a two-way street and even a real-time conversation.

There are several social media channels in which you can promote your business, but you need to choose those in which your persona is present and in addition, those that are more in sync with your brand.

Using this type of channel brings numerous advantages, such as:

  • Promoting your brand (the famous brand awareness).
  • Interacting with your audience and strengthening your relationship.
  • Better understanding of your customer’s needs.
  • Well-targeted advertising.
  • Hold promotions and contests.
  • And even make sales on the social media itself!

Email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that is still quite efficient and that you can use to nurture your relationship with customers and prepare them for a future purchase.

However, in order for it to work, you need to keep a few factors in mind:

  • Create your own email list.
  • Target your audience well.
  • Send truly useful content to your audience.
  • Create effective email streams.
  • Measure your results.

In order to learn more, read is our complete guide to email marketing!


A website is like your company’s business card and it’s essential for any business, whether online or offline.

It’s on your website that you’ll demonstrate your company’s value and offer important information to your audience, such as your contact information, products offered, promotions, news, social media channels and much more.

To get inspired, you can analyze a few websites of famous brands and evaluate the information they include, the language they use, the chosen design and much more.

One example is the McDonald’s website, which despite being completely consolidated on the market, always innovates in its strategies and presents several new features.

corporate marketing - An example of McDonald’s website.

An example of McDonald’s website.

corporate marketing - An example of McDonald’s website.

An example of McDonald’s website.

Also, as we’ve mentioned before, don’t forget to analyze what your competitors are doing!


The blog, which can be inside your website, is one of the most important channels to attract organic traffic and increase authority in the market.

And it is in this channel that you will demonstrate that you are a reference in your niche, offering useful content that truly adds value to your audience.

In order to do a good job, let’s take a look at a few tips:

  • Perform a keyword search and understand what your audience is looking for on the internet.
  • Offer the most complete content about the topic!
  • Write scannable texts.
  • Rewrite your older posts so that their content is always updated.
  • Use different formats (images, videos, and infographics).
  • Answer the questions in the comments.
  • Monitor your results periodically.

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Videos are the trend and cannot be forgotten.

The strategies you can use on YouTube are similar to those that we mentioned in the previous topic, since the main goal of a channel is to provide useful, interesting and relevant content for your audience.

However, this format has various specific characteristics and you need to pay attention when producing a video worthy of enticing your followers, even at a low cost.

Are you ready to boost your corporate marketing?

Now that you know what corporate marketing is, how about putting these tips into practice and making your audience fall in love with your brand?

To learn more about this subject, make sure to check out our content on brand awareness!