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What is Twitter Spaces and how can you use this feature to boost your business?

Have you ever heard of Twitter Spaces? Learn about the newest feature on this social network that lets you have audio conversations with your followers!


08/16/2021 | By Hotmart

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Twitter Spaces was recently announced as the new microblogging social network’s tool. With it, users can now create audio conversation spaces with their followers.

In fact, the Twitter Spaces format (as it became known here in Brazil), was already expected. After all, in recent years the public’s interest in audio content, such as podcasts, has increased a lot.

Now, you can take advantage of all the benefits of this format on Twitter and become even closer to your followers.

Last year, Clubhouse, an audio conversation app, gave us a glimpse of what was to come. However, it wasn’t available to everyone. This is why the innovation provided by Twitter has excited the social network‘s users.

If you wish to learn about Twitter Spaces, how it works and how to take advantage of this feature in order to boost your business on this social network, keep reading this post!

What is Twitter Spaces? 

First of all, you need to understand that Twitter Spaces is perfect for interacting with the audience who is already using the platform. 

The new feature allows the account host to create a chat room and include guests who are experts in the subject.

At the same time, anyone can “come in” and join the group. Imagine a podcast that isn’t recorded. Instead, the conversation takes place right there, in real-time.

However, only those who are present can listen to the conversation. In other words, it’s a unique moment! You can’t hear it later. 

So, knowing how to use Twitter Spaces can make it a powerful tool in the hands of an entrepreneur or social media analysts tuned in to marketing trends. 

Who can use Twitter Spaces? 

On May 3, 2021, Twitter announced that the feature would be available for any account with over 600 followers. 

According to the team, the live conversation experience proved more enjoyable on accounts with this minimum audience number. 

However, testing continues to ensure that as many users as possible have access to the feature. Fortunately, the release was also made for Android and iOS.

How to use Twitter Spaces 

To understand how to use Twitter Spaces, take a look at the following instructions. 

How to create a Space

Start by opening your Twitter app. Then, on the lower right corner of your screen, click the (+) sign. 

You’ll see the Tweet, GIF, Photos, or Space options.

When choosing the Space option, give your room a name and click “Start your Space.” Your audio conversation is now live. 

Once your microphone is enabled, your Twitter Spaces will be visible on the network to anyone who follows you.

How to add speakers to your Space

Currently, although all listeners can ask to speak, it’s only possible to add 10 speakers to the conversation in addition to the host. 

To do so, with the Space open, go to Manage Speakers and click Settings. Then, choose from the three options provided: 

  • All
  • People you follow
  • Guests only

In this last option, you can invite a speaker to your Twitter Space via DM. 

Remember that by allowing a listener to speak, they take up one of the ten speaking slots in the discussion. However, there’s no limit to how many listeners a Space can have. 

Also, as the host, you can remove a speaker or even block them. However, by doing so, you block them completely on the social network.

Closing a Space

To end a conversation in Twitter Space, simply click the End icon located on the right corner of the conversation screen. 

In this case, the Space is closed for everyone present, and it isn’t possible to access the conversation.

Joining a Space

At the top of your screen, right next to the fleets, you’ll see a purple icon with several highlighted profiles. 

So, whenever followers open a Space, their profile will appear here. Click the icon to enter the Space.

This way, you can enter the conversation as a listener and express your opinion through the reactions. However, it’s also possible to ask to speak, which can be granted by the Space host.

You can even listen to the Space’s audio while you browse other applications and websites, which is a great advantage.

Sharing a Space

To share a Twitter Spaces, you can use the following methods:

  • Send an invitation by DM
  • Share it on your timeline as a Tweet
  • Copy the link from Twitter Spaces and share it by any other means.

What are the benefits of using Twitter Spaces? 

Right now, one of the greatest advantages of knowing how to use Twitter Spaces is that the audience is already there. 

So, you don’t need other means of inviting people to enter your Space, and learning about your business and saves time! Check out below other advantages of the tool.

Twitter’s audience is huge 

Twitter has billions of accounts, but about 335 million are active users. 

Of these, an average of 66% access Twitter every week. However, on average, 46% consume the content available daily on the network. 

However, the most interesting fact is that a study conducted in 2014 suggested that about 44% of users form a silent but attentive audience. 

In other words, they observe everything without ever posting a single tweet. Thus, you can see the potential for attracting leads and potential customers on the social network.

More Visibility

As mentioned earlier, once a profile starts using Twitter Spaces, a purple icon becomes visible to all followers at the top of the screen. In other words, there’s no way that it’ll go unnoticed.

So, all events created by a brand’s profile gain visibility and greater reach with the possibility that followers will share the Space’s link.

Greater engagement with followers

Usually, users of the social network are already used to seeing and interacting with ads, videos, and Fleets promoting active brands. 

Twitter honored major brands for using their reach to make a positive impact on their followers in 2020.

In other words, Spaces created by businesses are usually well accepted. 

Easy to use 

Since the Spaces icon already appears at the top of the home screen, any follower can see the activity. Thus, the room opens as soon as they click on the profile. 

The layout is clear and intuitive, directing the user to participate in the conversation in some way, either by asking to speak or by clicking on one of the reaction buttons.

How can your brand use Twitter Spaces?

For a while now, the market has understood the power of social media, not only to advertise but also to interact with the brands’ customers. In fact, Twitter offers the perfect environment for this conversation. 

Obtain customer feedback

Understanding what the consumer thinks allows entrepreneurs to adjust the products or services that they offer. 

Thus, by making an effort to satisfy their audience’s needs, businesses attract attention, are remembered and recommended. 

So, Twitter Spaces gives customers a voice to give feedback to the brand or business.

Host a Q&A with experts and other guests

Customers with an increasingly busy routine are always in a hurry to get their answers about companies, products, and services. 

So, one of the best ways to use Twitter Spaces is to give customers the opportunity to ask questions. By the way, I bet that almost everyone has tried to talk to a brand and had to settle for a recorded message. 

On the other hand, customers feel they’re being heard when a specialist or other guest answers their questions, and Spaces provides this satisfaction. 

Parallel to this, it’s possible to create a partnership with a celebrity to promote a brand or product launch on Twitter Spaces. 

Real-time coverage and comments during events

Lately, sports channels are using Spaces in a very clever way to cover play-by-play in real-time. Without a doubt, this roundtable connects followers to the account’s host.

As such, a digital business can create opportunities to interact with its audience at an event of interest to its followers. 

This conversation can truly encourage participants to share their opinions. As a result, entrepreneurs can learn more about their audience’s needs. 

Creating awareness during product and service launches

Creating awareness or brand recognition has never been more important. After all, both the competition and the amount of information your audience receives have increased dramatically.

So, understanding how to use Twitter Spaces can provide your audience with a chance to learn about and share their thoughts on what your business offers. 

As a result, it’s possible that customers will refer to that product or service as a point of reference.

Raffles and contests with the audience

If the brand is launching a product or service, Twitter Spaces can be an excellent ally. In fact, just like talk radio, the feature allows you to play games with your followers. 

This way, you can hand out giveaways, promoting your product among your followers and those interested who have been attracted to your Space. 

Open a space for interaction

Twitter Spaces has expanded the space that a business has to present itself. It certainly opens an important communication channel, where the brand can inform, entertain, and captivate its audience; but also listen and meet their needs.

Besides, it enhances the reach that the business has on the social network. However, to use it in the best way possible, it’s important that the entrepreneur learns about all the possibilities provided by the new feature. 

Now that you understand how it works and the benefits of Twitter Spaces for your business, try it out! We’d love to hear about your experience! 

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