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How to Create a Unique Experience for an Online Event

Conventions, conferences, symposiums, lectures, seminars or festivals; choose the type of online event that best suits your business.


06/07/2022 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario. Alice creates a course on wall painting. While searching for innovations for her next course, she came across an opportunity to create content about the different types of interior decoration to match the painting. In order to get away from the commonplace, she chose to try a unique experiment: an online event with her audience to explore the subject. 

In order to reach this conclusion, she pondered the following points:

  • She knows other experts who can contribute to some of the lectures and activities during the event.
  • The topic is relevant for her niche.
  • A digital meeting, seminar, and the many other ways of calling the online event, is a chance for her to get even closer to her audience.
  • The action can cooperate with the sale of other products of hers. 
  • The event can help strengthen her authority as a point of reference in the topic. 
  • There’s the possibility of opening doors and creating more connections; after all, other people in the business can follow it.

Alice’s reasoning is strategic and also creates a unique feature for her business. In order to bring the idea to fruition, she relied on Hotmart’s Online Events solution.

With this feature, Alice has the right tools to turn the online meeting into a 3-day workshop. On each of the days, she offered several lectures at different times, which were given by her and other professionals in the segment. 

Did you like the solution she found in order to standout in wall painting? You can also deliver this experience to your audience and rely on the Hotmart platform to do so. Of course, considering that each business has its own particularities, you can create different strategies and formats to suit your audience.

Using the Online Events solution, you can choose the type of action that best suits your business. You can host a workshop like Alice, or perhaps a convention, symposium, congress, festival, seminar, digital meeting, or a variety of other possibilities, all you need to do is create your strategy! Regardless of what kind of action you perform, you can use Hotmart’s Online Event solution.

VIDEO: Fitness Live Week | Online Events

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Benefits of creating an online event on Hotmart

The solution allows you to insert recorded or live videos that work as the lectures or meetings you want to host for your type of event. 

Plus, the Online Events tool offers the possibility of chatting with your audience in real time, an essential factor to create even stronger ties with your customers. 

This live chat also allows you to highlight a message. You can use this feature for a flash promotion or exclusive information about the event. 

You can also use the online event to sell again to an audience who has already bought from you before, using Hotmart’s free ad feature. In practice, you can advertise a second product during the stream without spending anything extra. And best of all, those who are interested can start buying with one click. 

Besides, you can enable the Hotmart Affiliate Program for your digital event. This way, other professionals can help you reach an even larger audience. 

If you want to create your online event now, keep reading and check out the steps. 

Do you want to create your Online Event?

Here is a detailed step by step for you to configure your event at Hotmart. Just click in the video below:

VIDEO: What you need to know to create your Online Event with Hotmart | Hotmart Help Center

We’ve selected a few points for you to check out more carefully when registering your online event:

  • When registering, you need to add the basic information and then the time. Don’t forget that this time must correspond to the entire event. The specific lecture times must be added to the Event Area afterwards. 
  • You can only stream by using YouTube or Vimeo links. These streaming services are easy and allow you to talk to several people at the same time.

How about creating your online event right now?