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Personal marketing on social media: Dos and Don’ts

Learn how to build a good image on the internet and captivate your audience!

personal marketing on social media

If you are your own brand, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and start investing in personal marketing on social media.

It’s been a while now that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other such channels have been important communication tools for different businesses.

However, all of these channels were created with the purpose of bringing people together and therefore, to this day, brands are usually seen as “intruders”.

This means that when you need to sell a brand that has your own name, you are already a few steps ahead of your competition, since you can approach your followers and potential customers in a more natural manner.

Would you like to know how to build and maintain a good image on social media?

Well then, let’s find out the dos and don’ts when developing your personal brand strategy!

Social media Dos

There’s no use in posting anything and thinking that your job is done. You also need to plan and pay attention to details. Learn more below!

Planning content

Planning and organization are key to establishing a good online presence and working with a content schedule can help you with this.

Select subjects that are within the realm of your brand and identify how you can address them.

Remember that this needs to be done while taking your audience’s interests into consideration, as well as the formats provided by the social channel selected.

Keep your personal brand relevant

Another strategy to stay relevant is to monitor subjects that are trending and adapt them to your business’ universe. Google Trends and Twitter’s Trending Topics are useful tools for this.

How can you get in on the conversation about the Academy Awards, or about Carnival?

In addition to demonstrating that you are aware of trends in terms of world events, working hot subjects is one way of boosting your content by means of the  SEO.

Pay attention to the design of your posts

There’s little use in talking about the most relevant topics of the moment if this content isn’t well presented. User attention span is becoming increasingly low in the online environment and images are usually responsible for attracting customer attention.

The use of flashy colors, short, direct and interesting texts are the main requirements for becoming successful in this area. It’s also necessary to understand how images are used by the users themselves on each network.

Do you wish to work with memes and fun montages? Then you should be on Twitter! Do you have beautifully produced images? Make sure you post them on Instagram!

Provide good service

This is always worth remembering: cordiality and friendliness make all the difference. Use resources such as emojis and gifs so that your communication is closer to what users are used to in the channel, but know how to dose them so they don’t appear too artificial and jeopardize your authority.

Invest in partners with related businesses

Which brands, businesses or products would enhance the customer experience with your product if consumed together? Think of it like this: who will be the Coca Cola to your McDonald’s?

Partnerships are an excellent strategy not only to increase your relevance in the market, but also to create more visibility and expand your reach, since you can reach new consumers more easily.

In addition to partnering brands, also consider influencers. Even if they are small and in a niche, they can bring great returns to your business.

Social media Don’ts?

You have planned, invested and take good care of your customer service and the design of your posts. Now what? What shouldn’t you do?

Not replying to users

One of the main things to be avoided on social media is customer frustration. There’s no use in creating an @ on Twitter if you’re not there to answer questions when they are asked.

If your follower took the time to leave a comment your post on Instagram, take the time to reply.

You can at least like the comment and reply with a simple emoji.

However, remember that more elaborate replies encouraging further conversation are more likely to be successful, since they increase the post’s engagement.

Posting aggressive content

As we explained above, you need to know your main territories in depth. This way, it’s easier to filter out what can or cannot be addressed in your networks.

Avoid at all costs those posts that might sound aggressive or offensive to any part of your audience. Here, we reinforce the importance of knowing your audience well.

In times of extremely polarized political discussions, it’s also worth to carefully evaluate whether or not you should take a stand.

Mixing your personal life with the business environment

Having a brand that is literally you provides several advantages to your business, such as the facility of defining the brand’s persona, for example.

However, in order to be successful by doing personal marketing on social media, it is necessary to draw the line where your personal life starts and your business life ends.

Your profile should make it very clear that it is a business account.

You need to respect the recommendations of each network with regards to this by creating a page and not a profile on Facebook, for example, in order to ensure professionalism, but also for a better alignment of the results.

Not balancing quantity and quality

Remember that we talked about creating a content plan and about identifying the most relevant subjects in your realm of work when building your personal marketing on social media. Right?

This organization will allow you to visualize the relationship that you’ve established between quantity and quality.

Instagram recommends that you post daily, and YouTube orients content producer to have a fixed publishing schedule.

However, there’s no use in padding it out. If your post isn’t relevant, engagement will be affected, perhaps even more than if you hadn’t posted anything at all.

Ready to get started?

We could stay on this list all day, after all, personal marketing on social media is a very interesting subject and there are several precautions necessary to ensure a good image with your followers.

However, by following these main tips, you’ll be ready to do a good job.

We hope that you find this post useful. If you’d like to know more about this subject, check out this post on personal marketing.