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3 tips on how to boost your business with the Hotmart Members Area

Check out a few features in the Hotmart Members Area (Hotmart Club) that can provide more intelligence to your business’ strategy.

Hotmart’s Members Area has a ton of features to help you understand your students better, optimize your content, make your day more productive, and increase your chances of selling more. Today I’m going to show you 3 solutions that can make a difference in the development of your digital course and that you might not be using yet. Let’s get started! 

Use students’ comments to improve your course

Did the students have any questions?

What do they think about the classes?

Would they like to delve deeper into these topics in future classes?

These should be some of the questions asked by those who create courses. To help answer them, those who have courses hosted in Hotmart’s Members Area can rely on the comments feature. With it, your students can post comments with any questions, ideas, and suggestions. Additionally, you, as a content Producer, can easily manage all of the comments from the participants.

The feature is incredibly useful at different moments of your strategy. For example, if your goal is to increase class engagement, you can ask questions at the end of the class so that students can answer them. Or you can also encourage a healthy discussion among the participants. 

And if the focus is on the evolution of the content, use the comments space to answer questions. Students can learn more and you can increase engagement levels. Best of all, your students can read the questions asked by other groups. 

Comments can help you understand when you could go deeper into a topic, which will also help you optimize your content. Or you can even create additional material to complement what students are currently learning. In fact, you can do this by using the free extra module feature in Members Area

Another relevant tactic is using comments to understand the type of content that interests students the most. Let’s suppose that you’ve noticed that lesson 5 has gotten a lot of positive comments, in addition to great discussions. Why not take advantage of this engagement to create extra paid material? You can do this through right on Members Area itself, as an extra paid module.  

In addition to applying these and other actions to your strategy in order to make your content more interesting for your audience, the feature allows you to manage the comments through a dashboard. Here, you can categorize comments as: not reviewed, approved, rejected, and marked as spam. Moreover, you can search by name, email, group, module, page, and even create bulk actions. 

Analyze the data

Listening to your students and offering additional modules paid or free are key points to make your course better. But you can do even more in the Hotmart Members Area. In the Users section, you can check your students’ progress and engagement on a dashboard. 

When tracking your content, this section allows you to check out your students’ level of engagement and progress within the groups. For example, if Group A is evolving faster than Group B, you might want to offer the students who are behind an additional free module to help them catch up. On the other hand, if Group A is evolving quickly, it’s a good idea to recommend a second course with complementary content.

As to access, you can check who is accessing the course by purchase date, first access, last access, and access plus. 

By users, you can check engagement by name, email, language and category.

With this information in hand, you have the opportunity to see when students find the course easier or more difficult. In addition, you can take this opportunity to create extra content for students making a lot of progress. Also, extra content to help those with slower progress. 

And, integrated to ListBoss, you can automate emails that encourage students to come back to the course, for those who haven’t accessed it in a while. Discover the benefits of integrating the Hotmart Members Area with ListBoss

Make your day more productive by selecting multiple profiles

Producers who have a course hosted in the Hotmart Members Area can give different permissions to users.

The creator of the course can appoint an administrator, a role that entails the same access as the creator. In practice, this allows administrators to change and edit all of the content within the Members area. 

A user appointed as an editor may also change any course content, but with the limitation of not being able to access specifics, such as the Members Area settings or access to sales information, for example. 

Finally, there are those marked as students, which is the default status of imported or added members. This category, in turn, only has access to the Members area as a buyer.

It’s important to point out that the database records the actions performed by the different roles, such as when an editor changes or deletes something in the Members Area.

By sharing day-to-day roles with others, you have more time to think about new ideas for your current course or for a new one. More than this, you can study your niche even further and understand what your competitors are doing. Take advantage of this time to improve your business!

Did you enjoy the tips? Then it’s time to put them to practice!