A lot of new things around here – May 2020

The month has flown by, check out what happened in May.

Today I’m going to tell you about the main news that happened this past month here at Hotmart. Stick with me to learn all the details!

Hotmart has acquired Wollo

The month started with a new acquisition: the Wollo subscription app, created by entrepreneur and podcaster Guga Mafra.

This acquisition will strengthen our solutions portfolio for our Producers and Affiliates who want to share their content and offer an even better experience to their audience.

Wollo has been fully incorporated into the Hotmart Sparkle app, and will contribute a lot to

content creators who already use the app having more autonomy, freedom, and develop new strategies to boost their earnings from their content.

To learn all the details, check out this article.

Strategies and Tools, our new free course 

May was also when we launched yet another 100% free course from Hotmart.

Strategies and Tools was developed to help Producers and Affiliates who wish to understand the Hotmart Universe and also delve deeper into applying the best solutions and strategies to their business.

The course content was thoroughly prepared by our experts and two modules have been made available so far, one about the Hotmart Sparkle app and another about our Members Area.

There are 30 videos with classes of up to 3 minutes that can be watched both online and offline on Hotmart Sparkle. If you’re just getting started here at Hotmart or are looking to evolve your digital business, you can check out the full course content here. Happy studies!

The Hotmart Sparkle app is better than ever

The Hotmart Sparkle has gained new features! Now, in addition to creating and participating in communities, having access to exclusive content, and making sales in the app, Producers and Affiliates can access the results of their sales directly on the Hotmart Sparkle.

Come check it out:

  • Open the app;
  • Log in with the email and password you use to access Hotmart;
  • Click on the Results icon.

And there’s more! With this new feature, you’ll be able to get notifications with the summary of your sales, in addition to reports, performance graphs, and purchase information broken down by time of day.

Wait a sec, sales notifications? Does that ring a bell? 

You may remember a certain notification sound. No need to worry, it’s not going anywhere! When you sell, TADA!! You will hear the long-awaited sound of the cash register to let you know that your product has been purchased.

If you haven’t downloaded Hotmart Sparkle yet, click here to get started!

See you next time! :)


Isabela Portela

Isabela Portela

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