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Strategies & Tools: The Course you Need to Level Up your Online Business

If you're just starting out or already have a little knowledge about our platform, Strategies & Tools is for you! The time has come to go deeper and become an expert in the main Hotmart solutions.

Starting an online business has been the choice of many who want to transform their careers or start working with something new. And for those who are venturing into this environment and for those who are already more familiar with it, acquiring knowledge about the best online solutions and strategies is something fundamental and always evolving.

We know that the online marketplace has many options for platforms and tools to help in structuring an online business. But in the midst of so much variety, it is very important to know how to choose the best solutions for you and also use them fully to your advantage.

And it was with this in mind that Hotmart created Strategies & Tools, a complete training course to help those who want to enhance their digital enterprise.

Discover Strategies & Tools 

This is Hotmart’s latest course, 100% free and made for Producers and Affiliates who want to understand the Hotmart Universe and also go deeper into how to combine the best tools with strategies.

All the content has been carefully crafted by our experts who, throughout each video, have prepared several tutorials that will teach you how to configure our tools and give tips so that you can make the most of each one.

If you are just starting on our platform or already have a little knowledge about the digital market, Strategies & Tools is an excellent way to boost your knowledge and enhance your career as a digital entrepreneur.

Learn in a didactic way

In this course, you will learn in videos of up to 3 minutes long, all of the steps to create your Members Area, sell and distribute your content efficiently.

In addition, you will have access to comprehensive training on how to use Hotmart Sparkle to create communities, promote your content and create the best strategies to monetize things.

I want to watch now

Members Area 

There are 20 videos on this topic for you to learn how to set up your Members Area and understand it better, with the instruction of your teacher.

The video classes were recorded so that you could follow the complete structuring of each section that makes up the Hotmart Club, from the moment of hosting content to making sales through the exclusive Hotmart Members Area.

Hotmart Sparkle

There are 10 videos that will show you how Hotmart Sparkle can be a complete solution for the distribution of your content. In a simple way, you will learn how to use free and paid communities, create events and make sales without having to leave the app.

And as I already told you above, Strategies & Tools does not only teach you how to use Hotmart solutions, it also teaches you how to combine tools with strategic situations for your business.

So, during these video lessons, you will also learn how to use the Hotmart Members Area together with Hotmart Sparkle to leverage your digital product and offer a unique experience to your buyers.

You’re one step closer to evolving your business

If you made it this far, this course is for you! Don’t miss out on Strategies & Tools, sign up now to receive your login and start learning

Learn and get the student’s view

When you enroll in the course, you will have access to the exclusive Hotmart Member Area and will be able, in addition to attending classes, to understand how your buyers and students access the content you distribute.

This is an excellent way to evaluate the best practices and adopt them when structuring your product.

100% free content

Strategies & Tools is completely free. You can do your training and learn everything you need to boost your sales without paying anything for it. 

Videos of up to 3 minutes to optimize your time and knowledge

Each video tutorial is 1 to 3 minutes long, and this is all the time you will need to learn each of the features of each of the Hotmart tools.

Learn anytime and anywhere, even without internet connection

Do you remember what I said about teaching you how to combine the Members Area with Hotmart Sparkle?

Here’s an example: you can take Strategies & Tools classes anywhere, even offline. Just use Hotmart Sparkle to access and download the course even when you don’t have internet. 

Take this opportunity and start now

So, are you ready to start your new Hotmart training? Sign up for free and start investing in your knowledge to take your online business to the next level.

So far, among the tools available for training, are our Member Area and Hotmart Sparkle, but soon we will have a lot more content for you to continue learning. Don’t waste any more time and start today.