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It’s time to hit play: come over to Club Templates!

A tool to guarantee an amazing experience for your students: learn about everything we have for you in Club Templates!

Carlúcio Vieira

08/31/2020 | By Carlúcio Vieira

What will we see in this post

One of the keys to making a digital business stand out is user experience – and we at Hotmart strongly believe in an incredible experience for those who produce, promote, or purchase digital products through our platform.

For this reason, today we’ll tell you about an exclusive tool in our Members Area, which will transform the interaction between your students and your content – Club Templates.

Club Templates has tailor-made resources to make sure you offer an amazing experience!

Wait a sec, still haven’t heard of Club Templates?

The solution brings a new way to interact with the content of your digital course, ensuring its access to your videos and that it stands out.

The solution was created with all users in mind – whether you are someone who has just arrived in the Members Area or you’ve been using it for a while.

Any and all of your videos registered in the Members Area and that are using the Hotmart Video Player work perfectly with this feature.

In short:

  • An interface to transform the way your students interact with classes;
  • Hassle-free upload of classes. Just click and everything will be ready;

All your videos in the Video Player can be accessed with this customization solution, saving you time and effort – and giving you more time to focus on what really matters: the content.

Why is Club Templates so good for my digital business?

For starters, you won’t be spending the time or money you should be investing in your product on programmers, designers, or hosting the content.

Our platform does everything for you. One click and your Members Area already will offer a richer experience for those who purchased your online course.

… and use!

Speaking of richer experience, the interface is jaw-dropping and gives more value to your content. Our team of UX designers, developers, copywriters, and many others have come together to create the best when it comes to experience and usability.

Made for everyone

Club Templates are designed for all users – whether you’re someone who has just arrived in the Members Area or are already comfortable using it.

Any and all of your videos registered in the Members Area and that are in the Club Player, work perfectly in Templates – which comes to boost engagement with your classes. See how it turned out!

Want to learn how to set up Club Templates?

Check out this article from our help center to learn all the steps.

Ready! You can now make the most of everything Club Templates has to offer for you and your students. The changes will be applied automatically, so students will see the new interface when accessing the platform.

Any questions? No problem! Our Customer Support team is ready to help you.

  • This post was originally written in May 2018 and has been updated to contain more complete and accurate information.