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Hotmart Club: discover 11 amazing new features on your exclusive members area!

Optimized video streaming with more security for Producers and Affiliates, Notifications, Personal notes on Player… These are just some of the news that have just got to Hotmart Club! Learn about these new features now!

New features of Hotmart Club

Hello, how’s it going? Today, we’re more than happy to share with you what has just got to Hotmart Club! That’s right! Many incredible new features on our exclusive Members Area and you, Producer or Affiliate, only has to profit from all of them! Keep on reading to learn more!

If you’re not very “close” to it, Club was created by Hotmart to make it easier the access, distribution and delivery of content to people who want to learn in a simpler, faster and more secure way!

And with a lot of incredible content being made available every day, the members of our exclusive members area aren’t few! Here are some numbers:

  • There are more than 1.2 million users on Hotmart Club…
  • More than 22 thousand products that already use the Members Area…
  • Bringing it up to a total of 11 thousand hours of relevant content for all different kinds of interests! !

No questions, we’re very proud of numbers like those, but we want to surpass them!

So, we believe that the all our users’ experience (you included) can and should be developed and optimized everyday.

Come and see everything we’ve prepared with a lot of love on Hotmart Club! It’s awesome!

#1. Club Notifications

For starters, your Students’ learning experience gets a head start with notifications that show when other users “Like” or answer a post.

So, whenever someone has a question, suggestion or even want to start a chat about the topic, she will never miss any comment from other students.

You can view notifications on the top bar, on the “bell” icon, on the right of your screen.

#2. Club Sales

We would not not think about increasing your conversions, would we? This new feature on Club promises to help Producers and Affiliates (who have digital products registered) complete their buyers’ experience and, at the same time, accelerate the volume of their sales!

With Club Sale syou can make new offers that go beyond the digital product you already marketed, entering ads between the flow of your lessons or betting on widgets right below the video that the student is watching.

In the picture, the example of a widget in Club's platform

Just register a new product and create a sales page to promote it on the Members area and optimize your chances to convert more.

In the image, an example of a seles page in the members area

#3. Notas on Player

This is another great feature to make learning even easier! Now, while you present important details throughout the videos, your Students can make personal marks, which means they can click and create personal notes where they want to save to have easier access or just to review later on.

You, Producer, can also split the content of your videos, dividing them by chapters or topics. So, your students just need to click “Continue” or “Back” to view or view again only the parts they want!

#4. Collapse Modules

When logging into Hotmart Club, you, user, accessed any one of the members area and all the available modules would open, which might have had a negative impact on your experience, right?  

On Hotmart Club, you count on the Collapse Modules feature, which ensures your access to happen always with one module opened and the others closed.

So, when you choose another content, all the others will be automatically closed, making sure your learning process has a better flow and your experience is more organized and functional.

Na imagem, aulas em colapse (fechadas) no Hotmart Club

#5. Unique lesson URL

There’s nothing better than to search for something and to be automatically redirected to what you were searching for without wasting time with other content, is there?

Now, with the URL of each single lesson available, students will be led to what matters without wasting time browsing through other subjects or amidst lots of other content.

#6. Ergonomy and Responsiveness

With a deep ergonomy study and improvements when it comes to how responsive the mobile experience is, it can get ahead and gather to your needs better and more effectively, whether on mobile devices or desktop.

In the image, the Hotmart Club platform in different kinds of screens

#7. Nova Tela de Perfil

The Profile screens are now more complete and organized – and can offer more information to our Producers!

#8. Use Playlists

If you already use our video streaming, you also count on our Playlist feature: it’s possible to insert more than 1 video per lesson, making everything more organized.

#9.  New Layout of the Hotmart Player

Besides focusing on mobile and having a new layout, one of the extras is on the option to speed forward the video also in 1.25x (for people who want something in between the normal speed – 1.0x – and 1.5x).

#10. Dynamic video Resolution

We also couldn’t help but think about the learning process of people who want to watch your online course videos, however don’t have an effective access point or a powerful band extension.

One of our resources ensures that the resolution of the videos your students want to watch can be readjusted, so they can have a better experience, taking into consideration the Internet they’re using to access at that time. Cool, isn’t it?

#11. More security on Player

With the expansion of the structures of the Player, when Producers and Affiliates use our streaming, downloading the content of the lessons is made more difficult, bringing security to people who create exclusive content.

So, did you like the news?

If you don’t use all Hotmart Club has to offer, why not start now?

Come to the free and exclusive members area that will transform your way to access and distribute online content!

Come to Hotmart Club!

See you soon!