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A lot of New Things Around Here | April, 2020

Get ready to see the big news about what’s been happening recently on the platform.

Today, I am going to share with you the big news about Hotmart solutions that have happened so far in 2020. So, stick with me to find out what Hotmart has been doing to make the platform even better and also to make our users’ experience even more intuitive.

Hotmart has acquired Teachable, one of the largest online education companies in the United States

Let’s start with a milestone in the history of Hotmart, the company has acquired Teachable, one of the leaders in the United States in online education.

João Pedro Resende, CEO and founder of Hotmart, wrote a piece telling more about this huge news and how it fits our strategy.

Hotmart has acquired KlickPages to expand its product portfolio

With another milestone in the company’s history, Hotmart has reinforced once again that the platform works on the all-in-one concept.

Always thinking about bringing an increasingly intuitive and complete digital space for Producers and Affiliates, Hotmart has acquired KlickPages, a company specialized in creating landing pages. To learn more about this acquisition, just click here.

Hotmart Ads: create Google Ads right on our platform 

Now, the Hotmart platform is integrated with Google, easing the way for you to create ads without the headaches. You can set up paid ads in just 3 steps on the Hotmart platform.

Is your interest piqued and are you ready to start making the ads? 

What’s new in Hotmart’s Members Area? 

Want to upload a new course in your Members Area, but using some shared material from your other courses? With the File Library, you can! Want to keep working in the Members Area while your files are uploading? With the Upload Center, you can!

These two nuggets, which will make the daily life of Producers even easier, are already available if you use Hotmart’s Members Area, the Hotmart Club. Find out more about the topic here.

And there’s more! Now, Producers can check who’s completed their course, progress made and engagement and educational content as soon as they enter the Members Area.

By closely tracking the results of their courses, creators can improve content more quickly. The changes bring more quality to the course and can help sales.

Find the best solutions to manage your Affiliates

The Hotmart Affiliate Program is automated, making Affiliate management and many processes much easier, such as payment. This way, Producers do not have to worry about bureaucratic issues, but can instead focus on improving marketing and sales strategies.

And the lastest piece of news is a filter that allows you to view products from first-click, last-click, multiple clicks or with all of these rules. This means that Affiliates can easily choose the right product for their strategy. To understand how this works in practice, check out this article.

Hotmart Product Page: the most valuable information about your product, all in one place

A lot of Producers use the Hotmart Product Page and for good reason. It’s in this space that it is possible to put together the most important information about the digital product.

By using this solution, you have integration with Hotmart’s Members Area and, with other video services, you can include a question and answer section to help potential customers. Additionally, you can make available all the information about your product so that people feel even more secure when buying.

What more do you need to know?

It’s now possible to find the product name field on customers’ statements more easily.

In this article, you check out the step-by-step guide (very simple) on how to include your product’s name the way you want it to appear on the customer’s statement. So, those who made the purchase are less likely to forget that they made the purchase and ask for a refund.

So, did you like all of the news?

Till the next time! :)