Online Event or Webinar: Which Livestream Is Right for Your Business?

Find out which type of digital product suits your strategy best.

Online Event or Webinar: Which Livestream Is Right for Your Business?

Attracting potential buyers, engaging your audience, and strengthening your authority in the marketplace are all part of the strategy for those who want to scale their business. Achieving all of these goals can require a lot of effort, so you should consider implementing a simple, but very effective strategy: livestreams

A livestream can be a live webinar, class, event, workshop, group mentoring, conference, or more. Your stream’s format and name depend on your type of business and strategy.

At Hotmart, you can create any of these formats by means of two solutions: Webinar and Online Event. I’ll explain each of them better below.  

What’s a webinar? What’s an online event? What’s the difference between an online event and webinar? What are etickets and online courses? Can an online course be an online event?
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What’s a Webinar?

Do you need a free live solution to attract potential buyers and sell your products? Well then, your answer is a Webinar. And of course, you can also call the webinar by other names, such as live class or livestream. 

Within minutes, and without spending a cent more, it’s possible to create a webinar, invite participants, and run it. During the livestream, you also have a real-time chat room, in which you can do the following:

  • Create offers with a single button in less than a minute and without spending extra for it. This is your chance to match your lecture to the offer and increase your chances of selling on the spot 
  • Create a link to communities on Hotmart Sparkle or to groups on WhatsApp or Telegram. You can include an invitation to digital spaces where you offer exclusive content. This is a great way to keep your audience nearby and engaged
  • Talk to your audience and manage comments
  • After the livestream, the chat room remains available for consultation. 

And what about after the webinar?

You can download a list with all participants of your livestream. Remember that this is a list of people interested in the content you deliver, which increases their potential of becoming buyers

You can send emails to warm up your base for a launch, or try to increase the sales of a product being displayed. You can even segment people to receive paid media on social networks. 

For whom is the webinar?

Both Producers and Affiliates can create webinars. If you’ve already created livestreams on YouTube and other social media, livestreaming is a great solution. Those who are looking for a way to attract potential buyers, but don’t want to spend any money, can also rely on Hotmart’s tool.

Would you like to learn more so you can start using this type of livestreaming today? I’ve selected the top strategies to get you started right now

And if you’d like further reading, check out the step-by-step instructions on how to create a webinar

What’s an Online Event?

Imagine selling tickets to your audience so they can experience an in-person event, but instead, it will be online. With an Online Event, you can do this and call it whatever you want. It can be a seminar, workshop, group mentoring, or conference, for example.

An Online Event is the answer for those who want to sell a product in an event format, i.e., a meeting with people who will have a live experience together during a given period of time. This type of action is a great way of diversifying your product catalog, of increasing your audience’s engagement, and strengthening your business’ name in the marketplace.

With the solution, you build your event from start to finish: from its creation to sales! Check out its main features:

  • Organize the schedule in an exclusive Event Area: you can create events lasting one or more days, organize the timetable, and invite other speakers. And everything will be organized and available in a restricted area for those who bought tickets.
  • Real-time chat room: The stream features a chat room where you can talk to the participants live. You can reply, mute or delete a chat room. This creates a great opportunity to answer questions and understand people’s response to your content! 
  • Chat room with an offer button: besides chatting with the audience, the chat room also has a feature to make offers live. You can quickly create a button with a catchy text at the top of the chat room, and links to your product’s payment page. 

And if you don’t want to sell at the moment, but want to encourage people’s engagement, you can create a link to a premium community in the Hotmart Sparkle app, or a WhatsApp and Telegram group. 

It doesn’t matter what your strategy is, you can create the link and post it whenever you want during the broadcast, i.e., synchronized with your speech. 

  • Separate participants: it’s possible to separate the audience by rooms with access to different content. For example, the “Basic” ticket may give access to a module with 5 lectures and extra material, while the “Advanced” ticket gives access to two modules with 10 lectures and extra material. 
  • Sell tickets with the help of others: a great possibility of promoting your event, is to include it in Hotmart’s Affiliate Program so that other professionals can promote it. This way your event can reach an even larger audience and scale your sales.
  • Additional content: besides the livestreams, you can add free or paid additional content in the same place where you organize the schedule, such as texts, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, among others. With this, your audience can continue engaging with your event, even after your stream. And you can sell more if you opt for extra paid content. 

We’ve gathered the top questions about online events. And, if you already want to create your online event today, just check out these step-by-step instructions on how to create events.

What’s the difference between an online event and webinar?

As you have read here, both the online event and webinar are livestreams. Those who create webinars are usually looking for quick actions in which they can sell and attract potential buyers.

On the other hand, those who create online events want to deliver a full experience of their business for their audience and charge a ticket for it. Therefore, this format allows you to create a schedule with several online streams in a short time.

Choose the format that best suits your business strategy. 

What are etickets and online courses?

If you’re still unsure about the type of content you want to create and want to learn more, let me introduce you to etickets and online courses.

An eticket is a way to sell tickets for in-person events. At Hotmart, you can sell tickets at different prices, create upgrades, and create lots.

An online course, on the other hand, includes in-depth content and can include pre-recorded videos, PDFs, audios, etc. 

At Hotmart, you can create your online course in the Members’ Area, a space to organize your content and distribute it any way you want. You can add materials in various formats, use personality and knowledge quizzes, conduct satisfaction surveys, and offer a certificate. Plus, you have the freedom to decide when your content goes online or now. 

Finally, advertise other digital products during the course, encouraging sales to those already participating in your course. 

Can an online course be an online event?

An online course can be a digital event, as long as it isn’t content referring to the perpetual sale (a product available to be purchased every day) of recorded content. The online event has a start and end date. If you want to create a perpetual sale from your event content, we recommend that you create a product in the Online Course format.

If you have any other ideas regarding livestreaming strategies that I haven’t covered here, please mention them in the comments! Also check out the article about
how to pick the best topics for your webinars.

See you next time! :) 

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