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What Is Hotmart? - Unveiling the Digital Platform

What is Hotmart? Would you like to learn more about a complete platform that offers over 60 thousand products with total safety? Don't waste another minute and read our post!

what is Hotmart

Have you ever wondered “what is Hotmart?” in the digital marketing world?

That’s why today we’ll tell you a little bit more about this platform that has been changing people’s lives around the world. Keep on reading and be up to date with our definitive guide on what Hotmart is! All set? Let’s go!

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After all, what is a Digital Product? After all, what is Hotmart and what is its position in the market of digital products? What role do creators, affiliates, and buyers play at Hotmart?
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1. After all, what is a Digital Product?

Without a shadow of a doubt, digital products are on the top of the list of the fastest growing categories of products around the world!

And that’s no surprise! More and more people around the world can create and consume content in an accessible way, especially through mobile devices.

So, what is a digital product? Notice that they are products delivered in digital or electronic format. They aren’t physical (meaning that you can’t touch them or receive them in a box at your house). They’re available in electronic media and are sometimes referred to as info-products.

Yes, a digital product is the one you consume on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and other gadgets, in formats such as:

2. After all, what is Hotmart and what is its position in the market of digital products?

Created in 2011, Hotmart is a platform focused on the distribution of digital content – in a super simple way and 100% secure.

As we always say here, it also has the objective of allowing people to make a living out of their passions, sharing what they do best with others.


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And what are the types and formats of products that you can find at Hotmart?

Here, you can find courses, lessons, software, and many other digital products to use anywhere you want, however, and whenever you want.

The most common formats are eBooks, audiobooks, lectures in audio or video, video lessons, screencasts, software, and many others!

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3. What role do creators, affiliates, and buyers play at Hotmart?

If you’re one of the people who wish to create content to market on the Internet, act as a reseller of an already available product or buy a digital product, you fit the description of people who already use Hotmart.

Creators are those people who create digital content and make them available on our platform, using all resources that involve the automation and security of the sale and promotion of digital products.

Affiliates are people who promote products, which means that they recommend a product to the right audience. In exchange for the sales made, they get commissions that are set by each Producer (before even recommending a product, the Affiliate already knows the percentage she will receive for that product).

Buyers are people who purchase products through the Hotmart platform.


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Buyers can benefit from all the advantages Hotmart offers, going far beyond the total security in the purchase process, automatic conversion system according to the origin of the purchase, and international payment acceptance – with HotPay – or yet, the easy access to products, through Hotmart Club, and lots of other benefits.

How has Hotmart been standing out in the digital market?

Since Hotmart was created in 2011 by João Pedro Resende and Mateus Bicalho, it has quickly grown in a market that moves forward all around the world.

And, from then onwards a lot has changed!

Today, on the platform, you can find more than 35 million users, among creators and affiliates and buyers, more than 580 thousand digital products, sales in 188 countries, and payments available in 13 currencies.

And that’s not all: with our free members area, it’s easy to access the content, so buyers can study using organized modules or get certified after the end of a course, for example.

All this ensures the buyer a unique experience, don’t you agree?

So, now you know what Hotmart is. Have you seen how the platform is 100% secure and illimited so that buyers, creators, and affiliates win? Get to know it now and sign up for free!