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7 Ways Business Surveys Can Boost Your Sales

If you have an online business, it’s essential to stay close to your customers. Learn how business surveys can give you the insights you need to grow your business.

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Did you know that customers who participate in business surveys are often more loyal and committed to your business than non-participants?  

According to this Harvard Business Review article, asking customers how they feel about your product or services helps you connect with them. It gives them the idea that you value their opinions and are committed to ensuring they get the best experience.

A business survey is a research tool that allows you to collect relevant data about your business from customers or employees to achieve your long-term goals. Online businesses and creators use business surveys to understand their existing and potential customers. 

As an online entrepreneur, you must keep in touch with existing and potential clients. Even though building buyer personas is a good idea, it’s not enough. You need to verify hypotheses and update information constantly if you want your marketing message to align with the needs of your prospects. And conducting business surveys is a great way to do that.

What’s more, it’s nowadays easy to build and distribute business surveys in the online world. As a creator, you can use email marketing campaigns and social media to get the surveys to the intended audience quickly. These surveys will enable you to be aware of your customers’ opinions at any given time. 

Why are business surveys important?

Business surveys are essential marketing and research tools because they help you gather relevant information about your customers and business.

Surveys help you gather information about business variables such as product development, market research, and lead generation. You can discover the most effective sales technique to use in your business by conducting surveys of your customers. 

Surveys also make customers feel like they are part of your community. Customers feel satisfied associating with your brand when you ask their opinions about your product benefits. They may even go out of their way to convince other potential customers to try your product. Customer referrals usually stay longer with a brand because the product matches their needs.

Regular surveys may also help to avoid social media rants from unsatisfied customers. Surveys allow your customers to share their thoughts about your product and offer ideas on how to avoid failures that could hurt your brand.    

Business surveys as a tool to boost sales

Surveys can help you boost sales as an online creator by providing relevant information about your prospects and existing customers. When you know the needs of your prospects, you’ll refine your marketing messages to get their attention and gain their trust.  In the process, they end up choosing your product over your competitors.

Also, surveying existing customers helps you know what you need to focus on to improve your product. For example, if you’re running a course on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a personal trainer, feedback from users can help you know which exercises need elaborate explanation. This way, both new and existing users will benefit maximally from your course. 

In short, information gathered from business surveys gives you ideas as an online business owner on how to increase sales. Improving your product results in a better experience for existing and new customers, who become loyal to your brand. 

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  1. Validate your buyer personas 
  2. Attract new buyers 
  3. Collect testimonials from satisfied customers 
  4. Get feedback to improve your products 
  5. Create better ads and content on social media
  6. Understand reasons for cart abandonment 
  7. Grow with your buyers
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1. Validate your buyer personas 

Almost every online creator usually has a buyer persona in their mind when making their products. But you should validate even a well-researched buyer persona to ensure that your product will meet your prospects’ needs. 

To validate your buyer personas, you need to interview customers to understand their needs and why they would choose one product over the other. And business surveys can help you do this effectively. Send surveys to customers after your product launch to know how impactful your product was in their lives. 

You should not stop validating your personas because you’re already successful in selling products. Your customers’ needs change from time to time, so you should conduct surveys regularly to ensure your message will get your prospects’ attention.  

2. Attract new buyers 

If you want to create a new product, conducting surveys on leads and social media followers is an excellent way to see if they would be interested in buying the product. Surveys enable you to get close to your prospects, learn their needs and tailor your product to give them a great experience. 

Surveys also help you attract new buyers when your existing customers feel satisfied with your product. Participants of a survey usually feel like their opinion matters in your business, which in turn drives them to tell their friends about your product. You’re more likely to believe your friend recommending a product to you than a business marketing its product to you.   

3. Collect testimonials from satisfied customers 

Customer testimonials are the most powerful way to convince prospects to buy your product. Testimonials are social proof, i.e., opinions of people similar to your prospects, so they are more likely to believe your product works if you share them on sales pages and social media. 

Surveys can help you collect powerful testimonials from your satisfied customers. Loyal customers will give a detailed testimonial showing how your product changed their lives and why they continue using it. 

Run surveys among your loyal customers to learn how they feel about your product. Use the information gathered as testimonials on your social media channels, such as Instagram, to attract new buyers. 

4. Get feedback to improve your products 

Business surveys are a great way to learn the weaknesses of your product. Unhappy customers would readily give detailed feedback on their experience using your product if given a chance. They would show you why they are not satisfied with the product and even provide recommendations on how to improve the experience.

Encourage every customer to participate in a survey regularly. This way, you’ll be able to identify the negative aspects of your product and work on them quickly. Your unhappy customers will eventually get impressed because you implemented their recommendations. Also, these surveys help to reduce the chances of customers going to rant on social media. Social media rants negatively impact your business’s brand, making potential buyers prefer your competitors. 

And here’s a valuable tip on how to work with feedback: the Johari Window tool.   

5. Create better ads and content on social media

Since surveys help you to validate your buyer personas, they also help to improve your market messages in different channels. For example, once you know the needs and behaviors of your target audience, you’ll tailor your content to align with these needs. You may even use their words in your social media content to gain their attention and trust in your brand. 

When you know the dislikes and likes of your prospects, as well as their habits, you will create better copy and target the right people in the proper channels. In turn, you save on costs because you know channels where your prospects hang out and when they are usually active on social media.

Conducting surveys will help you stand out on social media because your content speaks directly to the needs of your prospects. So keep on learning the behaviors of your prospects through surveys. 

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6. Understand reasons for cart abandonment 

Did you know that 65.23% of visitors abandon a website after adding items to their cart? This is frustrating to online creators because the shopper was initially interested in the product, but something stopped them along the way.

Even though there are many ways to reduce cart abandonment, understanding the reasons may guide you on the right solution to focus on. And conducting surveys on shoppers who abandon carts is the best way to get these reasons for high cart abandonment rates. Maybe the checkout forms take long to complete, or hidden costs anger your shoppers.  

Business surveys can help you offer special discounts that keep your shoppers on the checkout page, add new payment options and make other adjustments to avoid losing sales. 

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7. Grow with your buyers

Happy buyers will buy from you consistently. But as a creator, you must think beyond the existing products because your buyers’ needs change regularly. What if there is something new that you can offer them apart from the usual product?

The easiest way to find out is to run business surveys. This way, you’ll learn the emerging pain points your existing product cannot solve. And in the process, launch new products to help your customers solve these emerging problems as you also expand your business.

If used correctly, surveys will help you grow your business while improving the lives of your existing customers. In a few years, you will be a one-stop shop for all their needs because you understand their emerging problems and create products to help them.  

Business surveys lead to better decisions 

Did you find the tips on how to boost your sales using business surveys helpful? Business surveys move you from being an entrepreneur doing guesswork to one who is in touch with reality. 

Surveys show you what your customers think about your product and give you ideas on how to improve its effectiveness. Surveys help you attract new buyers by tailoring your social media content to match the needs of your prospects.

Business Surveys have a direct impact on sales because they reveal the needs and behaviors of your prospects. It helps you choose the marketing channels where they hang out and share information about your product there. 


Surveys also boost sales by making participants feel that you value their opinions. They will be more committed to your product and tell their friends about it when you implement their recommendations. So surveys can result in customer referrals from satisfied users. 

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