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How to Advertise a Product: 10 Tips to Launch Your Product

Learn what it takes to successfully advertise a product.


06/28/2022 | By Hotmart

After a lot of careful planning and hard work, you’ve created your own digital product. But now the question is: How do you advertise a product to successfully launch it on the market? 

Regardless of what type of product you decide to sell, advertising is essential to increase your brand awareness.

You can have the best product in the world, but if no one has heard of it, it won’t sell.

That’s why you need to know how to advertise a product. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to advertise your business and successfully launch your product.

1. Become very familiar with your buyer persona

It’s a little cliche to talk about buyer personas, but it’s only because you truly need to know your customers.  

When you start thinking about advertising, the first person you need to take into account is your ideal customer, the person you created your product for in the first place.

After all, the point of advertising is to reach a targeted audience and show them that you have something that can help them solve a problem. 

If you haven’t defined a buyer persona for your business yet, watch the video below for some valuable tips:

VIDEO: How to create a buyer persona for your business | Hotmart Tips

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2. Think about the kind of language you’ll use in your copy

Once you know who you’re talking to, you need to start thinking about the kind of language you’re going to use in your copy, or the text in your ads.

Think about the people you want to reach when promoting your product, and talk to them in the same way they communicate.

For example, imagine you’re selling a culinary course about French pastries. There’s no need to use formal language in your copywriting

Instead, you should use informal language and terms and language that will be understood by people in the baking community. That way, your potential customers will feel like you’re speaking directly to them. 


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3. Analyze the competition

To learn how to advertise, you need to start analyzing your competition. Check what other people in your niche are doing, and see what’s working and what’s lacking in your market. 

But be very careful! Analyzing your competition doesn’t mean copying what they’re doing. After all, consumers don’t like to see more of the same thing. 

You need to understand how other entrepreneurs are marketing to try to understand how your audience receives certain ads and determine the best strategy for yourself. 

Remember to always advertise your business in an innovative way that catches people’s attention. 

4. Be innovative 

After you analyze your competition, you’ll probably notice some opportunities in your market, and there’s where innovation comes in. 

Think of ways to provide what your market lacks. Innovating isn’t always about doing something completely new from scratch or something no one has ever seen before. 

Of course, if you’re creative and have that kind of idea, even better, because your product will be ahead of the competition. 

However, if your business is similar to an existing business on the market, don’t worry! There are other ways to be innovative, for example, in the way you deliver your product or how you launch it on the market. 

Many businesses shine in over-saturated niches with small innovations. All you need to do is figure out what makes your product better than the others on the market and showcase that to your audience. 

(Would you like to learn more about this topic? After you finish reading this post, read our text on how to innovate in a saturated niche.)

5. Talk up all the best qualities of your product

In line with innovation, it’s a good idea to advertise your product by focusing on its qualities. Show your buyer persona all the advantages they’ll have if they choose to buy your product. 

This is especially important if your product is similar to others that already exist on the market. One important step in this process is finding your business’ Unique Value Proposition.

If you’re selling a foreign language course, for example, you already know that other people teach the same language as you do. 

However, maybe what sets your course apart from the others is the method you use or how fast the students who take your course learn the language. 

So, when advertising, highlight these features so that other people see the value in your product.

6. Come up with a strong slogan

A slogan is a short, memorable sentence that’s able to define the product you’re offering to your audience and help them remember it.

You need to come up with a slogan that is short and to the point, showcasing what you offer quickly while also being easy for people to understand. 

A good idea to start writing your slogan is to think of words that show how unique and necessary your product is. Think of sentences that speak to people’s desires. 

Usually, people buy products that help them prevent pains or solve their problems. So, come up with a slogan that focuses on your buyer’s emotional needs. And remember to keep it short. 

7. Choose the type of ad to run

There are several types of ads to choose from, such as:

Once again, the format you choose depends on your audience; you need to think of the communication channels they use the most. It doesn’t make sense to advertise on Instagram if your target audience barely uses the platform. 

Find out where your audience is, and advertise on those channels. There’s no need to stick only to one format or channel; you can choose as many as you think are necessary. 

Remember to consider your advertising budget and define an advertising strategy that fits your budget. 

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8. Perform tests

Regardless of the advertisement format you choose, performing tests is essential to check if your promotion is really working. 

Keep an eye out for the comments your audience writes on each type of ad you run. 

You can also talk to people you know and ask them what they thought about how your ad looked, the images used, or any other element in your ad. Most importantly, ask them if they would buy your product after they saw your ad. 

Make small adjustments to your promotion and keep testing to see what works best.

9. Talk to digital influencers

When you want to make a purchase but still haven’t decided what brand or product to choose, it’s nice to get recommendations from people you know or even celebrities who have already used that same brand/product. 

In the digital market, digital influencers can be great allies to help you market a product. This is because they can recommend your brand to their followers on social media. 

Try to get in touch with influencers and find ways for them to promote your product. Just make sure you partner with an influencer that makes sense for your niche. 

To better understand how to make partners and work with influencers, learn more about micro-influencers and nano-influencers.

10. Host events

It’s not always possible to host events since they involve a huge financial investment. So, if you’re just starting out, this is definitely a tip you won’t put to use right away.  

However, if you already have a fairly stable business venture that allows you to invest heavily, hosting an event might be a good idea to promote your product. You can also invest in online events, a more cost-savvy option.

Events are a great way to promote brand awareness and do something positive for consumers in your market. 

Successfully advertising your product

Learning how to advertise a new product is not easy, especially if you’re a new brand launching on the market. But if you research and carefully plan your launch, you’ll have much better chances of selling. 

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This post was originally published in 2017, but has since been updated to contain more accurate and complete information.