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Emojis: how to use them in a fun and professional way

Emojis are always fun, but how can you use them at work? Check out the best tips with examples!


Everyone has occasionally used an emoji, right? 🤷‍♀ They fill our messages with emotions and give the right tone to what we want to say. But have you ever wondered if you should use emojis in your business communications? 🤔

Nowadays, they’re more than fun characters in messages. On many occasions, they’re the key to communicating your message in a more empathetic and assertive way.

You have probably seen other companies use them, and, in fact, they can be a very interesting strategy if you use them well.

So, in this post, we’re going to show you why you should use emojis and how to use them in a fun and professional way. Check it out!

What are emojis?

Emoji Smile

Emojis are graphic representations of emotions, actions, and objects.

Nowadays, everyone has several emojis on their phones to use in their messages. And, best of all, new emojis are created on a daily basis: You can find an emoji for basically anything nowadays! (🤯💃🔥🍭🎯🛒…)

Few people know that they appeared long ago in Japan 🇯🇵, in the 1990s, created by Shigetaka Kurita. Over time, they won over the world until they became as popular as they are today, mainly because of social media.

Why use emojis in digital marketing?

differents jis

As you already know, emojis make it easier to socially interact, giving people better ways of expressing themselves through written messages. 💬

Despite being most popular on messaging apps, emojis are also a hit on other social networks, such as Instagram, representing over half of photo captions on Facebook and Twitter.

Imagem de campanha

Using emojis on social media means speaking the language of your audience. They catch the audience’s eye, making texts more informal and funnier, and creating more engagement. 😍

In addition, the use of emojis in email marketing is also growing. 📧 One of the great benefits of this strategy is creating shorter text with more meaning, since in subject lines, for example, it’s necessary to draw the audience’s attention with only a few characters.

So why not use a symbol that represents what you want to say, which is sometimes better than the words themselves? 🧐

But, pay attention: it’s important to get to know your audience before creating any digital marketing strategy. You need to know if they’re open to this kind of language.

Where can I find emojis on the web?

girl with a smile in her hand

If you’re going to start using emojis in your digital marketing strategy, you’ll probably be using your phone, 📱 but also your PC, 💻 right?

But, how do you use emojis on your PC if you don’t have a keyboard for it? Well, here are a few tips for finding emojis on the web!

1 – Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard is a Google Chrome extension. With it, you can open a virtual keyboard in the browser and use the various emojis that the tool provides.

To add it, go to the Chrome Web Store for Extensions, search for Emoji Keyboard and click on Add to Chrome.

extension keyboard

2 – PiliApp 

PiliApp is a website full of emojis and other symbols that you can copy and paste wherever you like. 

If you go to the Emojis & Symbols menu, you can also check out emojis specifically for Google and Twitter.

extension keuboard

3 – Get Emoji

On the Get Emoji website, you can also copy and paste emojis. There are several options to take your posts to the next level.

copy mojis

4- Flat Icon

Finally, Flat Icon is also a great website for emojis. You can download icons in .png or .svg (vector format), which are very useful in graphic materials. 

You can go to the website and search for an emoji pack or any other symbol. The website is quite extensive and has vectors for all tastes.

Flatcom emojis

Using emojis in a fun and professional manner

First of all, you need to know when to use emojis. If you’re already using social media in your strategy, this is a sign that you not only can but should be using emojis. ✅

This premise is also valid for email marketing if you already send emails with casual subjects. ✅

Another way of knowing whether you should use emojis in your posts is by conducting a market survey 🔎 and by getting to know your persona. 👤

Understand whether your audience welcomes this type of language and whether they engage with lighthearted content on social media. If so, don’t waste any more time and get started. ✅

You shouldn’t use emojis simply for the sake of using them; they need to add meaning to your message and not some meaningless and cute codes.

And, don’t use them to address more serious topics. ❌

Now, let’s see how to use them!

Emojis on social media

On social media, you can use emojis to make your post’s text more fun and attractive, using those that best suit the subject you’re talking about. A good idea is using arrows to ➡ highlight words,⬅  point to links, or CTAs.

Check out a few examples of how we use emojis on Hotmart’s social media:⤵

hotmart 1 emojis

hotmart 2 emojis

Emojis in emails

In email marketing, you can use emojis in the email’s subject line to draw attention. Emotions are great triggers and encourage clicks.😍 In this case, use emojis that summarize the feeling in your subject line (happiness? wonderment? excitement?).

Experian studies show that when emojis were used in the subject line of emails, the open rate increases 56% 📈 when compared to text-only subject lines.

But remember, this strategy may not be well received by certain audiences. The best way is to conduct A/B tests to find out if it’s worthwhile for your business. 🧐

Focus on engagement

As you can see, emojis are great for creating engagement on social media. This is great because engagement is a determining factor in having a successful online business.

However, this isn’t the only way to engage your followers. There are many other strategies that can boost your results. 🔝 Would you like to know what they are?

Check out our blog and our Instagram! You’ll find the best tools and strategies to take your business to the next level. 😉



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