The 3rd day of ON FIRE ends on a high note

The 3rd day of ON FIRE ended on such a high note. See the highlights of this incredible online event here!

3rd day on fire

We’ve arrived at the last day of ON FIRE, an online event unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Many people were involved in making this experience unforgettable: the speakers, the Hotmart team and an audience from all around the world that participated with excitement during the 3 days.

Without a question, it was a journey packed with learning, transformation and incredible moments shared with the greatest experts in digital marketing, technology and education.

Just like the first two days of ON FIRE, the last day one did not disappoint! It was the perfect ending for one of the top events in marketing and entrepreneurship. Want to see all the highlights? Then keep reading!

And check out the video with the best moments of Day 3 of ON FIRE on our YouTube channel.

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If you missed any of the talks from the previous days, you can check out the highlights of each day on our blog by clicking below.

Day 1 | Day 2

Freedom to choose your learning path 

In this edition of ON FIRE, to deliver the best experience for the participants, we divided the event into four different stages. Running simultaneously, all stages brought great talks, panels, and live classes. 

That way, the audience had the freedom to choose what they wanted to learn according to their interests and the maturity of their digital business. 

Now, let’s talk about everything that happened on each of these stages on Oct. 21, the third and last day of the event.

Inspiring Stage

The Inspiring Stage was designed as a real hub connecting all other stages. Here, you have a panoramic view of the entire event.

In addition, on day 3 of the event, we welcomed experienced experts to this stage to share their amazing journeys:

  • Samuel Pereira, CEO at Mostarda Web and Creator of Segredos da Audiência Ao Vivo
  • Filipe Adam, CEO and Founder of Rocketship and Paid Traffic Specialist; 
  • José Vinagre, Growth Expert; 
  • Marcelo Távora, Cofounder at VK Digital;
  • Monica Magalhães, Harvard Specialist in Disruptive Innovation and Columnist at Época Negócios Magazine.

Incredible Stage

The Incredible Stage, from day 1 of the event, welcomed the top players and big brands in major segments, such as communications, marketing and technology.

One of the most anticipated talks on day 3 of ON FIRE was Claudio Rawicz’s, Marketing and Communication Director of Audi in Brazil. As expected, Claudio gave an excellent talk based on his experience on this internationally renowned brand.

He gave us an excellent overview of the brand’s story in Brazil up until the launch of a new model during difficult times, such as the ones we experienced in 2020, and showed us a company that can be proud of its performance. 

He also helped us understand how sustainable mobility works and how environmentally friendly it is, focusing this part of his talk on his vision of turning Audi into a 100% carbon-neutral company.

Joel Jota also dropped by the event to talk about an important strategy to create a community that has great engagement with your brand: coming together for a common cause.

By having a common cause, it’s possible to make communication stronger to focus on what customers truly need, and on the transformations they wish to create, thus improving their lives and their business performance.

Another renowned speaker was Zé Roberto, who talked about his experience as a professional soccer player on the Brazilian national team and discussed high-performance pillars. He shared his secrets and strategies to achieve a higher performance level.

And one of the most anticipated speakers of the entire event made his appearance on the final day of ON FIRE 202: Seth Godin, leading voice of marketing worldwide and bestselling author.

Godin talked about the transformations marketing has gone through in recent years, and how its concept and marketing strategies have changed to give way to innovation in the markets, which has opened up possibilities for countless companies.

Seth Godin also taught us that people buy stories, not products. And how these stories manage to create a sense of belonging and community that will later influence buyers’ decisions.

His talk was truly incredible and the event became even more amazing with all of his insights and tips.

Intense Stage

This stage welcomed the top content creators from around the world, who shared the strategies and methods that have made them famous in the digital world and successful in online sales.

One of the most interesting experts on this stage was Javi Pastor, who taught us the importance of copywriting as a tool to transform words into money.

To do so, he taught us how to find the right way to create your own copywriting depending on the business you run, the audience you are targeting, and the message you wish to convey.

Taking into consideration that Javi didn’t want to provide a formula or a template, he emphasized the importance of knowing three ingredients to help business owners create customized copy for their audience, which will help them achieve their expected sales goals.

In another talk, Pavo Gómez, a renowned entrepreneur, explained the importance of personal branding in business, how to manage it, and the fifteen key benefits of having a good personal brand.

Since personal brands do not build themselves, hence the title of his talk, “The price of your dream”, because in the same way you seek to enjoy the benefits, it’s also important to think about the sacrifices made in order to achieve success.

Thus, with this price you pay in mind, Pavo taught us how to overcome possible barriers people put up when creating their personal brand, and not only that, but he also gave a few recommendations so that everyone attending can put into practice.

More experienced entrepreneurs who are more interested in the internationalization of their digital product, also participated in a magnificent talk aimed at them, given by Dr. Ainhoa de Frederico, who, from her own experience, told us how to cross borders with a company and what it takes to achieve it.

Ainhoa gave a very detailed and comprehensive talk on how to grow in markets that speak a different language, and how to overcome the barriers and obstacles that entrepreneurs usually face when they want to expand their business.

She also provided five models on how obstacles related to localization and the translation of products can be solved. Finally, she ended her presentation with a personal example of how she achieved amazing results thanks to the internationalization of her products.

Another of the most awaited lectures on this stage was Vilma Nuñez’s, which dealt with the topic, “creativity, futurism, and disruption: how to do something new and different in a world saturated with information”.

The title is a good summary of everything Vilma offered us, but it’s also a call to drive creativity focused on one of the most effective formats, video. However, it must be used carefully and thought out strategically in order to generate conversions.

In order for a video to be attractive and reach the proposed goals, it’s necessary to know what happens inside our brain when we watch content in this format.

Since the brain is the main element of this talk, Vilma showed us the Neuro video method, which she uses to edit content in order to capture the brain’s attention in a faster and more convenient manner, thus increasing results by 30% or more.

Tests need to be performed on the viewers themselves, to understand their reactions, in addition to experimenting with new colors, contrasts, and even fonts and lines between them.

This video-editing strategy brought by Vilma, was very useful for all content creators, especially those specializing in audiovisual work.

Instructive Stage

The Instructive Stage, by Hotmart Camp, is designed to enhance the experience of those attending the online event and to foster better communication and greater trust between attendees and the different Hotmart experts.

Our experts helped many of the attendees create and scale their digital product sales through different conferences in which they covered technical topics aimed at business growth.

On this stage, we welcomed great Hotmart experts, such as Dani Bianchin, who taught new creators how to get started on the hotmart platform and Roger Darrigrand, who shared all his knowledge to help participants answer this question: What comes first: an online course or followers?

ON FIRE 2021 is over, but we never stop sharing knowledge!

In this post, we told you about some of the incredible experiences we had during the last day of ON FIRE, the first edition of this Hotmart event that was, without a doubt, one of the biggest online events of the year.

We had 3 intense and incredible days, and we hope you take advantage of all the content to continue growing your business.

Keep studying and learning, because the digital market never stops! To help you in your learning journey here is a complete guide of main solutions Hotmart has for you to sell even more in 2022.



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