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Hotmart’s main solutions in 2020 to transform your digital business

2020 in Review: Check out the main innovations provided by Hotmart to make your digital product even more relevant

Paula Zanella Caetano

12/28/2020 | By Paula Zanella Caetano

What will we see in this post

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived: Hotmart’s 2020 year in review. In this post, I’m going to show you the main solutions Hotmart has created for  the digital product market in 2020. You will remember – or discover – the main tools that might impact your product’s development, and your sales growth. Let’s get started!

Organize, promote and highlight your digital products with a customized link

With Hotmart Space, you can create a free exclusive link with your digital products. In your strategy, this space becomes yet another sales channel that facilitates how buyers find your products and it also increases the possibility of repurchasing.

Did you like this innovation? Then, check out a few more strategic tips for the Hotmart Space.

Livestream in order to capture new buyers

Livestreaming is a common tactic to find new buyers in the digital product market. Through this livestream, you can present the product, answer questions and create or strengthen your relationship with your audience. 

Keeping this strategy’s importance in mind, Hotmart launched the Webinar tool, where you can create free live classes, livestreams and webinars.

Find out more details about the new livestream tool right now. 

Create even more relevance for your business by providing a unique experience with a digital event

Creating an event online means delivering content to the audience in a unique manner. More than this, it’s an opportunity to expand your audience and further grow your business on the market. 

With Hotmart’s Online Events solution, you can create a convention, symposium, festival, seminar, digital meeting, or the type of event that better suits your business. Plus, you can organize the programming and content and stream it live. 

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Monitor your sales results with Hotmart Sparkle

Now, you can manage your business in the palm of your hand with the Hotmart Sparkle app. With it, you can monitor results and receive a notification with reach sale made. 

Find out more about these and other Hotmart Sparkle innovations. 

Gain even more productivity with the Hotmart Members’ Area

I have selected a few of the main innovations that the Hotmart Members’ Areas has provided in 2020. Check them out:

Organization and distribution of content

Set a deadline for the release and expiration of content only once. When modules and pages are selected, you can schedule drip content on one date or set a number of days on which the content will be released. You can also schedule the number of days on which one or more content will expire.

  • Upload Center: Upload your course’s content while you work on other tasks within the platform. Further details here
  • File Library: Access the content from all of the courses you have on Hotmart from the same place. Further details here

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff!

Here, we’re getting ready to create a 2021 with even more innovations that will help your digital product stand out in the market.

See you next year!