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Top 10 gift ideas to get your significant other – find the perfect gift to enjoy at home!

We've listed the top 10 gift ideas to give your significant other (and they can enjoy them all at home)! Check them out!

Yanelys Babi

02/03/2021 | By Yanelys Babi

Love is one of the most intense, beautiful, and overwhelming emotions human beings can feel. Most people love to fall in love, right? So, it’s very common to see couples showing their affection all over the world and on many occasions. And one of the most usual ways to show how much you care is giving gifts to your significant other.

But, giving gifts can be a difficult task. How many times have you gone to a store and spent hours trying to choose the perfect gift? Or spent days surfing the web to find the ideal gift at the best price? Or done crazy things, like standing in an endless line to buy a ticket to a show your partner is just crazy about? 

Yes, we must consider the many possibilities and factors that can make a gift truly incredible and unforgettable. And to help you in this adventure, we have written this article with the top 10 gift ideas for your significant other. These are thoughtful gifts they can enjoy without leaving the comfort of their home! Wonderful, right?

Do you want to surprise your significant other any day of the year? Well, don’t go away and read this post until the end!

Choosing the ideal gift

Before showing you the 10 best gift ideas for your loved ones, there are some things you should consider when choosing the perfect gift.

First of all, you need to ask yourself what are your significant other’s likes and dislikes. What do they talk about non-stop? What’s missing from their routine? What’s something they’d like to have or do? With the answer to these questions, you can define your gift category and reduce the stress of looking everywhere without a defined goal.

The second thing you need to think about is your budget. We often get carried away by the desire to surprise and please our loved ones, and when we go shopping, we find out that we don’t have enough money. This can be frustrating, and you end up wasting time. In this sense, it’s also good to know which payment methods are best adapted to your reality so you can choose a place that will accept them.

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Thirdly, make a list of the main stores or businesses that could have what you’re searching for and are trustworthy. This way you not only manage your time better but also avoid problems with the product you’re going to buy, such as lack of quality, defects, among others. You should also check the exchange and return policies of the businesses you choose, as well as their reviews on social media or Google. 

Finally, pay attention to the shipping time if it’s an online purchase or a delivery service so that you don’t run the risk of not receiving your gift on the day you want to give it to your partner.

Now, check out below our list with the best gift ideas for your partner! 

Top 10 gift ideas for your significant other

As you can see, it can be hard to choose the perfect gift. But, don’t worry! We know we face many challenges every day, so we’re here to help you make this special moment easier and happier. Check out these amazing suggestions!

1. Online concerts

Watching your favorite artists’ show, performance or play can be a very captivating activity. And, it can be an excellent gift for couples. Nowadays, we have more possibilities to watch international artists on our TV, computer, or smartphone screen with all the excitement of a live show. Many personalities from the art world perform on their YouTube channels or through social media live streaming platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Take the opportunity to surprise your significant other by playing something of their favorite artist. Prepare a special dinner or order out, and create an unforgettable atmosphere to enjoy this moment.

2. Special breakfast in bed

There’s nothing better than kicking off a holiday, like Valentine’s day, side by side with the person you love, sharing an amazing meal. To do so, you can change up the place where you and your partner usually have breakfast. How about breakfast in bed? Or preparing a different menu? If you don’t have culinary skills, you can order out before your significant other wakes up and surprise them with a delicious breakfast.

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3. Movie session

A good movie is always an excellent gift option for couples. Going to the movies is one of the most romantic and popular activities among couples. You probably think that this is an obvious idea. But, what if you bring the movie to your home? Select 2 or 3 movies in different genres, maybe something that inspires you or a romantic comedy, and set the scene with snacks, a cozy blanket, and other things you like.  

4. Romantic eCard

In many cultures, sending postcards or greeting cards on special dates is a tradition. But it sometimes involves a lot of work, because you have to go to several places to find the one that best expresses your feelings. And you don’t always find one that you like.

As we know, the digital universe has changed our lives and opened up many possibilities. One of them is being able to create e-cards or virtual cards. This can really make our lives easier because you can create them at home, and you can customize them. Choose the design, the colors, the theme, and much more. This is an excellent gift idea for couples. Take advantage of it!

You can also add a gift certificate to your heartfelt message, so they can choose their gift at a physical or online store.

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5. Online courses

You’re probably wondering how romantic it is to give a course as a gift. Well, let me tell you, it can be very romantic. There are online courses on many subjects and in many formats that go way beyond academic learning. If your loved one has a hobby or really wants to learn something new, an online course can be the perfect gift, because you show that you care about their interests and listen to them. Is anything more special than that?

6. Books and E-books

Books are also on the popular gift list and can be an amazing option for your significant other. If they like to read, choose a book in their favorite genre or by their author. You can buy it online and have it shipped to your home. But make sure that your loved one doesn’t see it ahead of time.

E-books are also great gift options. Nowadays, they’re very common, and you can find them easily online. If you can afford to, you can also buy an e-book reader. A great idea, isn’t it?

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7. Customized items

Well, here you have countless possibilities. Do you remember that we talked about choosing the gift category that best suits your significant other? Well, you can create a customized gift based on what you find out. You can select clothing items, utensils (such as mugs, plates, and jars), office supplies, and customize them, so they reflect your partner’s tastes and personality. In other words, you have many options. Use your imagination!

8. YouTube Playlist

Since we’re talking about music and YouTube, this platform allows you to create playlists with the videos you like the most. How about taking advantage of this feature to prepare a great playlist with the songs that your significant other never gets tired of listening to? Or with music videos that remind you of a great time in your life? Get inspired and start organizing your playlist in advance, so you can calmly choose the artists and videos you want to add. If your partner loves music and art, this surprise will amaze them! 

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9. Digital Photo Album

There’s nothing better than making good moments last forever, right? So, how about creating a digital photo album that tells your love story and giving it as a gift? You can select photos of romantic getaways, celebrations, trips, and much more. Let your imagination run free! 

10. Home video

Based on the previous idea, you can also create a home video with funny and romantic moments of your relationship. You probably think you need to be an expert in video editing to succeed in this endeavor, right? Of course not. There are many tutorials to help you do this easily. In the video below, you can find some great tips on the subject.

VÍDEO | The 10 Best Apps For Recording And Editing Video

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Make your significant other fall in love with you any time of the year

Well, I hope you enjoyed our gift ideas for your loved ones. They’re amazing and very practical, aren’t they? You can enjoy them on many different occasions, such as your significant other’s birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s day, and many other special moments that you have certainly lived and will continue to live together.

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